Zone 2 Minus 50 to Minus 40

USDA Zone Map for the United States

Zone 7 0 to 10

Zone 3 Minus 40 to Minus 30

Zone 8 10 to 20

Zone 4 Minus 30 to Minus 20

Zone 9 20 to 30

Zone 5 Minus 20 to Minus 10

Zone 30 to 40

Zone 6 Minus 10 to 0

Zone 11 40 and above


This USDA Zone Map is provided for your convenience and should be used only as a general guide to what will survive your winter temperatures. There are other factors, like good drainage and normal winters, that affect a plant's survival over the winter. 

We have combined the sub zones on the official map into just 11 zones. So 1A and 1B have the same minimum rating on our list. 1 is the coldest and 11 is the warmest. Plants rated Zone 1 will survive the winter in all zones. Plants rated Zone 2 will die in zone 1, but will survive in Zones 2 through 11 and so on. To help you choose plants that are right for your winters, we have put together a Gardening by Zone list of all the plants in our catalog. 

If you need to find which zone you are in, you may use this tool.


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