Tulbaghia violacea


In Ann Bonar's Book, Gardening for Fragrance, we learn that, even though it seems fragrances are innumerable, there are in fact only 10 flower aroma groups, four leaf aroma groups and two aromatic bark groups.

The flower groups are Rose, Violet, Aromatic, Lemon, Heavy, Fruit-scented and Honey. Yes, we realize this is only seven smells. The other three, she states, are most unpleasant. One of those is the garlic odor like the one this Tulbaghia violacea emits when you are anywhere near it. The other two are, well---worse. Let's not even go there!

We offer two forms of Society Garlic, an all green leaf (pictured below) and a very attractive striped white and green leaf.

Close Up of Society Garlic Flower

Tulbaghia violacea, Society Garlic Flower Cluster

Cultural Information

Height: 2 Feet    

Hardiness: Zone 7

Flower Color: Lavender

Characteristics: Full Sun,

Uses: Culinary, 

This plant has been discontinued.


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