ORDERING MINIMUMS: The minimum plant order for three-inch pots is six plants. All six plants do not have to be the same and, after 6, you may order any number. Plants do NOT have to be ordered in groups of six. The minimum order for plug trays is one tray. Items not in stock are not considered part of the six plant minimum.

AVAILABILITY: In January, we begin taking orders for three-inch pots to be delivered in spring. At this time all the "add-to-cart" buttons are active. If you want plants right away during this period, please check our plant availability list to see what is shipping.

If you are in areas that are freezing or have not reached their average last frost date or are reaching temperatures over 100 degrees, and you wish to receive plants anyway, it will be necessary to waive your warranty. This can be done by typing "waive warranty" in the comment box during the ordering process. When you waive you warranty, the only thing we gaurantee is that your order is what you ordered.

About mid May, only "add-to-cart" buttons with in stock items are active so there is no need to check availability. Plug trays are sold only from availability for immediate delivery. They may not be back ordered or pre-ordered. Plug trays are sold by Mountain Valley Growers, Inc. at www.plugtrays.com.

PROCESSING: Once your order has been placed, you will automatically receive a receipt in your inbox. Save this receipt! It will have your order id #. It is necessary to use this number on all correspondence.  We may not be able to find your order, if you do not supply your order id#. If you do not receive an automatic receipt, either your email address has been typed incorrectly, your spam filter caught it, or the order did not go through. It is necessary for your email to be correct so that we may inform you of your ship date and send you your tracking number when your package leaves. If you have spam filters on your email, it will be necessary to add  orders@mountainvalleygrowers.com. If you have a back order pending and your email address changes, please let us know, so we may inform you of any problems or changes that may arise concerning your order. 

SHIPPING: Three-inch pot delivery is by UPS Ground service to 7 western states: AZ, CA, ID, NV, OR, UT, and WA. Except for California, these states may also choose 2 day service at the time of check out. California orders usually arrive within two days after they are shipped by ground. All other US destinations must travel UPS 2 Day.  Plants are shipped on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday only. Orders to Hawaii usually take an extra day to arrive and choosing 2 day air is the only option to get the order there by the end of the week.

Please allow two to three working days to process your order in addition to the delivery time. 

Plug tray delivery is by ground to 7 western states:  AZ, CA, ID,  NV, OR, UT, WA. All other US destinations travel UPS 2 Day.

It is necessary to use your physical street address; UPS does not deliver to a P.O. Box. If the package is to be delivered to an apartment, UPS may automatically require a signature. Please make sure to take this into consideration when you decide where to have your order delivered.

Please make sure to double check your address. At this point in time we are charged $16.50 by UPS if even one digit in your address is incorrect and we reserve the right to charge your card for this fee. (Please note UPS increases this amount at random intervals)

Orders are shipped on an ASAP basis, usually the week after we receive your order. High volume or adverse weather conditions may delay your order.

Early spring orders to cold winter areas will receive an email order acknowledgment indicating the expected spring ship date. We do not ship to areas that are freezing or on a route that has freezing temperatures. You may choose to waive your guarantee and receive plants prior to the time we would normally start shipping in spring by typing "Waive Warranty" in the comment box on the order form. If you would like us to ship your plants during a specific week, indicate that date on the order form in the comment box. When you waive your warranty, the only thing we guarantee is that you get what you ordered.

SHIPPING COSTS: UPS charges by the box. We have boxes that hold 6, 12, 18, 24 and 36. There is only one shipping fee for a 12 pack, for instance. If you choose 7 plants they go into a 12 pack box and you get charged as though there were 12 plants in the box. Which means you can ship 12 plants for the same price as 7, 18 plants for the same price as 13, etc. With UPS, the first pound or, in our case, the first 6 plants, is the most expensive per plant and the 36 pack is the least expensive per plant. After 36 plants, it starts over again with a 6, 12, 18, or 24 pack.

GUARANTEE: You have 7 days from the date of arrival of your plants to email us with any problems caused in shipping. Please also send a photo of the issue. We do not guarantee plants once they are removed from their containers. We will either send replacements or a refund, depending on the circumstances of the problem. Refunds under 5.00 are issued as store credit. Refunds over 5.00 are issued as a credit back on your card or as store credit, whichever you prefer. Plants are not returnable.

Your guarantee does not cover your plant shipment if you are not home when the carrier makes the first attempt to deliver your package or if you instruct UPS to leave the package at your residence. Riding back and forth in the delivery vehicle or spending the weekend in the warehouse because you are not at home when the carrier arrived is not covered. We are more than willing to work with you on arrival dates and can ship the package to any address you choose.

Also, not covered are packages with incorrect or incomplete addresses. Your shipping label is created from the address you enter on your shopping cart order form. If the carrier is unable to deliver your package and it is returned to us, the plants will be dead and we will not refund your money or send new plants.

CANCELLATIONS AND CHANGES:  Plants cannot be changed or deleted after your order is placed. You may cancel your order though. If you wish to cancel an order, please email us at customerservice@mountainvalleygrowers.com one week before your order is set to ship.

SHOPPING CARTS: We have two separate websites. Mountain Valley Growers is for ordering three-inch pots and PlugTrays.com is for ordering plug trays. Each site requires separate account set up information. Each one must be logged into separately to view account information. Log in is optional however.


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