Black Eyed Susan Rudbeckia hirta

Black Eyed Susan in all its Glory

A single Black Eyed Susan flower.

Black Eyed Susan at Twilight

The photo to the right is of a Black-Eyed Susan flower taken at twilight from the bush above. The light shows the purple that is in the cone. This flower is older than the one above it. Both the cone in the center and the petals change as the flower matures. The cone gets taller and the markings on the petals become darker.

Rudbeckia buds

 These tightly curled Black-Eyed Susan buds will soon make glorious flowers like the one above.

For a stunning display plant Black-Eyed Susan with beautiful Purple Cone Flower, Pink Gaura and Munstead Lavender.

Upside down Black Eyed Susan

Heard of pineapple upside down cake? Well, how about an inside out, upside down Black Eyed Susan. This oddly formed Rudbeckia is one of the many that grows from seed that has fallen to the ground the previous fall. Most of them look perfectly normal and are very welcome in the dry difficult garden they sprout in each year.

Black-Eyed Susan would make a nice addition to our English Cottage Herb Garden Six Pack.

Cultural Information

Height: 3 Feet 

Hardiness: Perennial
in Zones 3-11 

Flower Color: Yellow 

Characteristics: Full Sun

Uses: Butterfly/Ornamental

Organic Black-Eyed Susan Plant

$4.50 per 3 inch pot



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