Rosa viridiflora



Cluster of Green Roses


Green Rose is thought to be a descendant of Old Blush which is a two hundred year old form of Rosa chinensis. China roses are extremely hardy. In fact, many winters, here in zone 8, the Green Rose never loses its leaves but remains vibrant green with a tinge of red which is a welcome addition in a miniature rose garden full of naked stemmed bushes.

The buds on Green Rose blooms look like any other rose but, when the bud opens,  there are never any flower petals. The Green Rose bloom is made of sepals on top of sepals on top of more sepals. Usually sepals come together to form the "holder"  at the base of the flower. This holder is called a calyx. But, the Green Rose never makes the flower part. No flower, then no seed and, potentially, no next generation of rose plant. Thus, this plant only exists due to the kindness and love of gardeners who take cuttings and make more roses. It often has great sentimental value to those who grow it because it may have been a gift from a friend or relative. Considering it is first recorded in the mid 1800's, that is a lot of love keeping a sterile rose with no real rose flower going. The flowers are usually found in sprays of multiple buds. The bright green is a nice complement to other rose colors and makes an interesting addition to floral arrangements

Rosa viridiflora Green Rose Buds

Like all roses, the Green Rose is sun loving and fairly drought resistant. Plant in well drained soil and fertilize with an organic fertilizer in the spring. Dead canes can be pruned anytime but most pruning occurs in the fall when we shape the plant to the desirable height and width.

It would make an excellent addition to our Crafter's Herb Garden Six Pack for Zones 8-11 or our Crafter's Herb Garden Six Pack for Zones 5-11


Cultural Information

Height: 4 Feet 

Hardiness: Perennial
in Zones 5-11

Flower Color: Green

Characteristics: Full Sun,

Uses: Culinary,
Dried Flower,


Organic Green Rose Plant

$7.95 per 3 inch pot





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