Measure water, pH, fertility and light with one of our handy meters.



Water and Rain pH Temperature

Let science take some of the guess work out of having a green thumb! Our meters and testers will help you know when to water, fertilizer or amend the soil. Check for light to make sure your full sun plant will be happy. Test your soil for temperature to make sure it is a good time for planting. These simple to use aids will turn you into a first rate gardener. Please use the drop down box at the bottom to order your meter of choice!


4 Way Soil Test Kits and Analyzer


Rapitest Soil Test Kits

Rapitest Soil Test Kits 40 uses or 10

The soil is king in the garden and if the pH is off or the nutrients are lacking then plants will be more susceptible to disease and insects. Both the 40 use soil test above and the 10 use soil test to the left are easy to use and allow you to test for both pH and fertility. The 40 use kit has 5 tests each for pH and the big 3 nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. The 10 use kit has four tests for pH and two each for nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.  Complete Instructions included.
10 Use Kit: $4.95. 40 Use Kit: 9.95

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4Way Analyzer

Rapitest Electronic 4-Way Analyzer

Measure fertility, ph, light and water all with one handy meter. By just inserting the metal probes of the 4-Way Analyzer into the soil, all four readings can be accurately read. A switch on the front of the black plastic case makes it easy to go between the four different kinds of  readings. Recommendations for many different plants are included. A handy pH chart can be found here.
$27.95 Order below.

Water Meters and Rain Gauges

Rapitest Moisture Meter

Rapitest Moisture Meter

Never worry about over or under watering again. With this simple little Water Meter, you can easily tell when your plants need a drink.

It can be used indoors and outdoors. Just stick the probe in the soil near the plant and read wet or dry. So easy, yet so important!
$4.95 Order below.

Water Check Sticks Rapitest Water Check Strips

These little meters are so handy, you will want one in every pot. Just poke the Water Check Strip into the soil near the root zone and check for a color change. It will be dark where the soil is wet and turn light again as the soil dries out.
Three to a card. $2.95 Order below.

Rainfall Gauge

Rapitest Rainfall Gauge

Sometimes the simple things in life are the most important. With our handy Rainfall Gauge, not only can you measure how much rain you just got, but you can also use this handy device to tell you how much water your sprinklers are putting out. It is very important to make sure the water goes to the depth of the root zone so the entire plant can be hydrated. The polystyrene measuring cup is scaled in both inches and millimeters. The holder is a multi-piece black vinyl coated steel stake that is adjustable. $4.95 Order below.

Rapitest Weather Center

Rapitest Weather Center

Gardening is all about living with the elements. This attractive all in one weather center measures temperature, rain and wind. More rain than normal? So that is why the Butterfly Bushes are drowning! Need to plant a wind break then the direction of the wind is ultra important. Planting veggies? Make sure the temperature is warm enough to get them going.

The four  featured instruments are a rain gauge, thermometer, anemometer (which measures wind speed) and weather vane (for telling wind direction). Easy to use and assemble, black. $17.95 Order below.


  Mini Ph Meter

Rapitest Mini pH Meter

Did you know that a pH that is too high can stop a plant from taking in nutrients? And, that a pH that is too low can eat the roots right off your plant? This Mini pH Meter will help you determine your pH in about two minutes. A plant pH reference chart is included. No batteries needed. $7.95 Order below.



Soil Thermometer Rapitest Soil Thermometer

Soil temperature is one of the greatest keys for success when planting seeds. Most seed packets list a recommended range for optimum germination. Don't waste your time or seed on soil that is too cold. Take its temperature and be sure it is the right time to plant. Just insert the Soil Thermometer probe into the soil, wait about three minutes and you will know whether the time is right for planting. Includes temperature guidelines for a wide variety of plants.
$6.95 Order below.

Dial Soil Thermometer Rapitest Dial Soil Thermometer

A little better suited to outdoor use, this easy to read Dial Soil Thermometer has a corrosion resistant aluminum body and a 6.5" temperature probe. It reads from 30 to 90 degrees.

Guidelines for germination and transplant temperatures are included. $8.95 Order below.

Rapitest Compost Thermometer

Compost is king in the garden. Nothing else will balance your soil and fertility as well as compost. Proper temperature helps uncomposted matter decompose faster, occurring most rapidly between 110 and 160 degrees. This 19" stainless steel probe and dial will help you know when to turn the pile and when to add more matter. It measures from 0 to 220 degrees.

Instructions are included. $16.95


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