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  Organic Strawberry Plants on Sale  

What does an organic strawberry plant mean for you?

It means that from the very beginning our organic strawberry plants are grown in fertile, nourishing organic soil with no chemicals used in the growing, packing or processing of the plant or the fruit. Call us crazy, but we taste the difference in our strawberries versus strawberries that are grown with chemicals.

Commercial (non-organic) strawberry production is extremely dependent on the use of chemical herbicides and pesticides. Most strawberry fields are treated with a highly toxic chemical to destroy any pathogens that may interfere with that perfect strawberry. These fields are then covered with plastic to keep bugs and weeds at bay. This treatment is followed by more spraying to rid the plants of bugs or disease. These chemicals can be systemically absorbed by the roots of the plant and taken up by the fruit. The use of plastic causes a lot of soil erosion which depletes the soil and makes more chemical fertilizer necessary. Strawberries are mostly water so they need a lot of it to grow big and plump. As a result excess water runs off into common water areas (like municipal drinking water sources) taking with it the nitrates and other chemicals found in the chemical fertilizer. The onslaught of chemicals and the preponderance of plastic waste in commercial strawberry growing is extensive because commercial growers usually start new crops every winter. Sometimes the same field is treated with new plastic and soil fumigants up to three times a year.

By growing an organic strawberry in an organic environment, you not only enjoy one of life's little pleasures with full assurance that there are no hidden substances in or on your little ruby gems but you also help reduce toxic substance abuse.

Our Albion strawberries do not shut down as the days get shorter like many other strawberry varieties which allows them to produce consistently sweet fruit until frost.  Try eating a green one after frost! It tastes like an apple. Albion has shown resistance to Verticillium wilt (Verticillium dahliae) and Phytophthora crown rot (Phytophthora cactorum).  The fruit has outstanding flavor and attractive internal and external fruit color. Albions have done well throughout most of the US.

For more on growing strawberries organically, please visit our Berry Page.

We are now offering our awesome Albions in bulk at a reduced price.

1 plant---4.95

6 plants---24.90

24 plants---78.00

36 plants---108.00

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