The following designations are used on the individual plant pages and on our concise plant pages.





DF-Dried Flower




FS-Full Sun

  PS-Partial Shade



GC-Ground Cover



W-Water Conserving


CULINARY: The culinary designation means the plant is edible and has merit as a flavoring or food. Edible plants have edible flowers. However, they are not always of culinary value. Culinary varieties usually need direct sun for at least 6 hours per day. When harvesting, cut off leaves and branches. This will encourage bushy growth. Never cut more than one third of a healthy plant at a time. Periodic cutting is necessary to maintain cooking herbs in prime condition.

BUTTERFLY: These plants are known to attract butterflies by providing them with shelter, food or nectar.

DECIDUOUS: Deciduous plants are those whose leaves are lost in the fall or winter and whose growth resumes on woody branches the following spring. Tender deciduous plants may loose branches or be completely killed in cold weather.

DRIED FLOWER: Plants designated Dried Flower have flowers or seed heads useful in dried arrangements, wreaths and garlands. Most can be easily air dried. Plants designated dried flower and fragrant can be used in decorative potpourris.

EVERGREEN: Evergreen plants retain their leaves year round. Although an herb may be an evergreen, it can also be tender. Be sure not to use this designation as a measure of hardiness.

GROUND COVER: The Ground Cover designation indicates a plant which will trail or sprawl and cover a sizable amount of area.

FULL SUN: All plants can stand at least a little shade but not all can withstand strong sun. This group will thrive in full, hot sun.

HERBACEOUS: Herbaceous plants die back to the ground in winter. A Tender Herbaceous Plant will die to the crown in winter and be killed completely if the ground freezes. Hardy Herbaceous Plants will survive ground freezes. In warm climates herbaceous plants may be evergreen.

HUMMINGBIRD PLANTS: These plants are known to attract hummingbirds by providing them shelter, food or nectar. doctr290.JPG

MEDICINAL: These plants are listed in A Modern Herbal; by M. Grieve, and others, as having medicinal value. Don't try to be your own doctor, consult a professional before using any Herb medicinally.

ORNAMENTAL: Those plants whose habits are graceful, decorative or otherwise contribute to the landscape.

PARTIAL SHADE: This group needs filtered sun for optimum health.

PERENNIAL: Perennial plants live three years or longer. All plants are perennials unless otherwise stated in the hardiness column.

WATER CONSERVING: Modern landscaping demands plants that are water thrifty. Although mature plants require little water, irrigate new plants regularly. 

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