Gardening by Zone

All of our plants are listed below with their minimum winter temperature zone rating. Zone ratings only indicate how much cold a plant can withstand once established. If you are in zone 5, for instance, you should be able to over winter plants rated from zone 3 to zone 5.  To find your zone or learn more about zones, please use our zone map.


Chive Blossom

ZONE 3:-30 to -40 degrees

Garlic Chives
Vanilla Grass
French Tarragon
Sweet Grass
Hops (Green and Golden)
St John's Wort
Hyssop (Pink and Blue)

Russian Sage
Black Eyed Susan


Cambridge Scarlet Bee Balm

ZONE 4:-20 to -30 degrees

Licorice Mint (Anise Hyssop)
Chocolate Daisy
Roman Chamomile
Gopher Purge
Baby's Breath
Sea Lavender
German Statice
Orange Mint
Chocolate Mint
Clary Sage
Lamb's Ears

Bee Balms
Giant Catmint
Ballerina Rose
Russian Comfrey
Silver Thyme
Lemon Thyme
English Thyme
Blue Veronica

Bicolor Butterfly Bush

ZONE 5:-10 to -20 degrees

Egyptian Walking Onions
Silver Southernwood
Black Knight Butterfly Bush
Bicolor Butterfly Bush
Dwarf Blue Butterfly Bush
Fountain Butterfly Bush
Harlequin Butterfly Bush
Pink Delight Butterfly Bush
Royal Red Butterfly Bush
Sungold Butterfly Bush
Twilight Butterfly Bush
White Profusion Butterfly Bush

Basil Thyme
Bronze Fennel
English Lavender
Hidcote English Lavender
Jean Davis English Lavender

Miss Katherine English Lavender
Munstead English Lavender
Royal Purple English Lavender
Sachet English Lavender
Sarah English Lavender
Lavender Vera
Abrialii Lavender
Edelweiss Lavender
Grappenhall Lavender
Grosso Lavender
Grosso White Lavender
Hidcote Giant Lavender
Provence Lavender
Lemon Balm
Banana Mint
Moroccan Mint
Habek Mint
Egyptian Mint
Lavender Mint
Variegated Peppermint
Lemon Bergamot Mint
Apple Mint
Curly Spearmint
Mint the Best
Kentucky Colonel Mint
Macho Mint
Greek Oregano
Parsley (Flat Leaf and Curled)
Andrea Miniature Rose
Baby Austin Miniature Rose
Beauty Secret Miniature Rose

Black Jade Miniature Rose
Cinderella Miniature Rose
Don Marshall Miniature Rose
Fire Princess Miniature Rose
Hot Tamale Miniature Rose
Jean Kenneally Miniature Rose
Judy Fischer Miniature Rose
Lavender Lace Miniature Rose

Little Pinkie Miniature Rose
Magic Carrousel Miniature Rose
My Valentine Miniature Rose
Orange Elf Climbing Miniature Rose
Orange Honey Miniature Rose
Petite Pink Scotch Rose
Rainbow's End Miniature Rose
Redwood Empire Miniature Rose
Rise and Shine Miniature Rose
Roller Coaster Miniature Rose
Sequoia Ruby Miniature Rose
Sierra Sunrise Miniature Rose
Tom Thumb Miniature Rose
Torch of Liberty Miniature Rose
Windy City Miniature Rose
Garden Sages

Winter Savory

Creeping Germander
Cat Thyme
Silver Needle Thyme
Doone Valley Thyme
Goldstream Thyme
Hi-Ho Silver Thyme
Lavender Thyme
Lemon Frost Thyme
Lime Thyme
Mint Thyme
Pink Lemonade Thyme
Reiter's Thyme
Loveyanus Thyme
Caraway Thyme
Heretus Thyme
Juniper Thyme
White Moss Thyme
Creeping Pink Thyme
Elfin Thyme
Hall's Woolly Thyme
Pink Chintz Thyme
Woolly Thyme
Coconut Thyme
Foxley Thyme

Pennsylvania Dutch Tea Thyme
Grey Hill Lemon Thyme
Italian Oregano Thyme
Orange Balsam Thyme

Pineapple Mint

ZONE 6: 0 to -10 degrees

Powis Castle Artemisia
Himalayan Butterfly Bush

Hever Castle Butterfly Bush
Richard Gray Lavender
Habeck Mint
Pineapple Mint
Spotted Bee Balm
Mounding Marjoram
Rosenkuppel Oregano
Kent Beauty Oregano
Creeping Golden Marjoram
Creeping Oregano

Arp Rosemary
Madalene Hill Rosemary
Maraschino Cherry Salvia
Wild Thing Salvia
Gray and Green Santolina
Pink Vitex

Yellow Queen Gaillardia with Bumblebee

ZONE 7: 0 to 10 degrees

Lemon Verbena
African Wormwood
Lochinch Butterfly Bush
Lemon Cypress

Hummingbird Plant
California Fuchsia
Santa Barbara Daisy
Red Hot Poker
Richard Gray Lavender
Goodwin Creek Lavender
Lion's Tail
Corsican Mint
Marshall's Memory Oregano
Showy Pink Oregano

White Sage
Canary Island Sage
Mexican Blue Sage
Indigo Spires Salvia
Variegated Autumn Sage

Spanish Sage

Big Pink Texas Sage
California Sunset Sage
Diane Salvia
Salmon Sage
Hotlips Salvia
Teresa's Texas Sage

Bog Sage
Pink Savory
Fruity Teucrium

Pink Rosemary flowers

ZONE 8: 20 to 10 degrees
Tree Wormwood
Winter Flowering Lilac
Lavender Butterfly Bush

Conehead Thyme
Curry Plant
Greek Bay
French Lavenders
Sweet Lavender
Woolly Lavender
Spanish Lavender
Kew Red Spanish Lavender
Yellow Lavender
Allardii Lavender
Dwarf Myrtle
Twisted Myrtle
Syrian Oregano
Cretan Oregano
Italian Oregano
Attar of Rose Geranium
Chocolate Mint Geranium
Citrosa Geranium
Lemon Balm Geranium
Mint Scented Rose Geranium
Mrs. Taylor Geranium
Nutmeg Geranium
Peacock Geranium
Peppermint Geranium
Rober's Lemon Rose Geranium
Skeleton Rose Geranium
True Capitatum
Village Hill Oak Geranium
Jerusalem Sage
Pine Scented Rosemary
Blue Boy Rosemary
Golden Rosemary
Goriza Rosemary
Pink Rosemary
Spice Islands Rosemary
Trailing Rosemary
White Rosemary
24KT Gold Sage
Island Black Sage
Cleveland Sage
Gracias Sage
South African Sage

Pineapple Sage
Victoria Sage
Mexican Bush Sage 
All Purple Mexican Bush Sage
Black Sage
Grape Sage
Baby Salvia
Dennis' Pink Salvia
Wild Watermelon Salvia
Royal Purple Salvia
Tangerine Scented Marigold
Spanish Tarragon
Citrus Scented Marigold
Fruity Teucrium
Silver Germander

Salvia discolor leaves

ZONE 9: 30 to 20 degrees
Silver Dichondra
Citronella Grass
Lemon Grass
Moujean Tea
Sweet Marjoram
Southwestern Oregano
Greek Sage

Variegated Spanish Thyme

ZONE 10: 40 to 30 degrees

Gotu Kola
Mexican Oregano
African Blue Basil
Lemon Crispum Geranium
Prince Rupert Geranium
Lime Geranium
Apricot Geranium
Brilliant Geranium
Cinnamon Geranium
Fingerbowl Geranium
Ginger Geranium
Variegated Spanish Thyme
Vietnamese Cilantro

Red Rubin Basil

ZONE 11: 50 to 40 degrees
Pinnata Lavender
Licorice Verbena
Basils (Ocimum basilicums)

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