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Are all of your plants organic?

Yes! Every plant we sell is certified organic by the USDA. Our promise is all organic all the time!

Why do I not see the items in my cart when I go back to it?

This most often happens when folks use their back button to check their cart instead of the view cart buttons. You are essentially going back to when there was nothing in your cart.

Is your nursery open to the public?

As much as we love our customers, our nursery is not open to the public. Our nursery is really a propagation facility and does not resemble the normal nursery, no little red wagons, not even a cash register!

Do I have to buy all six of the same plant?

Absolutely not! Mix them up or order all the same thing. You choose what you want.

Do you sell seeds?

No, we only sell living rooted and potted plants.

Do you sell dried or cut herbs?
No, we only sell live herb plants, live vegetable plants and live ornamental plants.

Can I change my order after I place it online?

We are unable to change your order after it is placed.

What is the guarantee for my plants?

Our guarantee is a shipping guarantee. Your plants should be healthy and ready to grow when you get them. If you have any problems that occurred during shipping, you have 7 days from the date of the arrival of your plants to notify us of any problems. Please note that we are not responsible for shipments lost or damaged because of Terrorism or Acts of God (such as sudden flash floods or tornadoes or pandemics) or delay caused by the inspection of the box by the USDA.

Since we have customers in all 50 states, we do not guarantee that you will be successful with your choices. If there is a problem with your shipment, please email us at customerservice@mountainvalleygrowers.com and include a photo and a brief description of your issue. We will either send replacements or issue a refund, depending on the circumstances of the problem. Amounts $5.00 and under are issued as a store credit.

I need to cancel my order. Is this a problem?

Not at all, cancellations can be made up to the week before your order is due to be shipped.

How big are the plants?

Our pots are 2 3/4 inches by 2 3/4 inches. For some reason, the nursery trade calls these three-inch pots? The height of our box is 8 inches and, since the plants travel sitting straight up in the box, the total height of pot and plant is never more than that.

How do I order plug trays?

Plug Trays are ordered through our division

I was wondering, if I were to order herbs now, when would you ship them? I would prefer a future date, if that is possible?

We call this a back order and are more than happy to ship when it is convenient for you as long as we know the plants will still be in good condition. Enter your requested ship date in the comment box on the order form.

Will I get a receipt? Yes, you will receive an automatic response from us. If you do not see this, please check the email address you ordered with. Sometimes our emails also end up in your spam filter.

What comes with my plants?

Your box will have our Success with Herbs pamphlet which contains basic unpacking and care information. If you have ordered a Specialty Herb Garden, there will also be a separate set of instructions specific to that garden.

I am interested in the 36 Pack Assortments, can you tell me what plants come with them?

Assortments will have different plants at different times of year. Our trained staff picks plants that are at their peak at the time of your order. It is not possible to inform you ahead of time as to the make up of the box.

Can you send plants to South America?

No, unfortunately agricultural restrictions across borders make delays that are deadly to live plants. We ship to all 50 United States.

Do you sell wholesale?

We do wholesale our three-inch pots to those who hold a state nursery license or other state license issued by the USDA to resell plants in your area. We also sell wholesale to non-profit organizations.
 Please email us at customerservice@mountainvalleygrowers.com

We do NOT sell plug trays on a wholesale level. All those wishing to order plug trays may do so at www.plugtrays.com

I ordered on a Friday. When will my plants arrive ?

Shipping live plants is a little different than shipping toasters. Live plants can be randomly inspected by the USDA and this may or may not delay the box one day. Also, UPS does not count the day the plants leave therefore, a 2 day package that leaves on Monday arrives on Wednesday. So our shipping schedule usually runs about like this: Local (those orders that are in California) live plant packages may leave on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. 2 Day packages may leave on a Monday or Tuesday. And, long distance ground packages (like to Washington or Wyoming) leave only a Monday. Because the nursery is very rural, we do not offer overnight delivery service.

It is freezing here. Can I still get my plants shipped right away? 

No, we don't send plants into areas that are experiencing freezing weather. But, we are happy to back order them for the appropriate time in spring. Or, you may choose to waive your warranty and have plants sent at anytime. This applies to heat as well as cold. Just type "Waive Warranty" in the comment box on your order form. When you waive your warranty this means the only thing we guarantee is that the plants you receive are the plants you ordered.

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