If you are planning to do a little, or a lot, of vegetable gardening, you will appreciate our exciting, carefully chosen vegetable selection. This year we switched to Diva Cucumbers because they are self pollinating and very productive. If bees and beneficial insects are rare in your area this should be a better option for your garden. We also added the All-American Selection award winner Chef's Choice Orange Tomato. This medium-sized, orange-fleshed beefsteak type tomato is low in acid and has resistance to both cracking and tobacco mosaic virus. Our new chili pepper, Bolivian Rainbow, is both beautiful and hot! Not quite all the colors of the rainbow, but close, this is one pepper you have to grow to believe. It is a smaller plant that works well in a large container and would look great sitting on the patio. Last fall we introduced two new greens to our list that have become very popular. Curly Roja Kale and OutREDgeous Romaine Lettuce are beautiful, healthy, easy to grow additions to our extensive listing of greens.

No matter what vegetable, herb or perennial you choose, your plants will be grown organically. Organically grown plants have a lot of advantages over chemically grown plant. Besides having a nutrient advantage for you and your family, they also take less of a toll on your water supply, your air supply and your


 If you have any questions about our plants or how to grow organically, we are happy to help.

All of our amazing vegetables can be found here.





As a matter of fact, organic products may be the fastest growing part of the gardening business. The buzz at the last buyers show we attended was all about organics and, in an industry that loves its chemicals, it made us downright proud to see the organic producers standing tall next to those other guys. This is happening  because you, as concerned gardeners, have stepped up to the plate. When you walk into your local depot store and ask for the organic compost, it does make a difference.  You have the power to make manufacturers sit up and take notice. So, whatever you do this spring, we hope you enjoy your garden, add a few new plants, try a few new products and keep on thinking organic.

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