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Eggplant flower

Eggplant leaves

Eggplants are tasty but they are also a really beautiful vegetable plant. We like the heirloom Black Beauty Eggplant because it gives us the big round circles we love to cook and grill with and is a consistent producer.

Eggplant is a warm weather annual. It should be planted after danger of frost has passed. Like all vegetable plants it uses a lot of nutrients and water as it grows at break neck speeds to produce offspring (fruits). If happy one Eggplant plant can take up three square feet but we normally plant them on two foot centers.

Soil should be warm and well fertilized. If you garden in a cool summer climate, a dark mulch can help warm up the soil. Or Eggplants can be grown in 10 gallon containers (one plant per container). The darker the container the more it holds the heat.

Black Beauty Eggplant

Eggplant is a late season producer. Just when you think you aren't going to get any eggplants, the plant starts pumping them out. Don't lose heart. Just keep fertilizing and watering. When you do finally pick your Black Beauty, be sure to use nippers and get a bit of stem. You know you have picked your Eggplant at the right time when the seeds inside are small and immature. Outside the Eggplant will be shiny.

Eggplant is good in so many ways. Grilling is a great way to use eggplant in dishes that might otherwise call for frying. Click here for Eggplant recipes.

  Cultural Information

Height: Two feet or more

Hardiness: Warm Weather Annual

Time to Harvest: About 60 days from transplanting

Characteristics: Full Sun,
Frequent watering

Used: Fresh or pickled

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