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  • As many areas head into colder weather, we begin ceasing our shipping guarantee. To receive plants in an area that has had its first frost, please note "waive warranty" in the comment box on the order form. We ship with a guarantee all year to California, Hawaii and Florida.

  • Minimum order of 6 plants: Due to the way we ship, we have a minimum order of six plants. It can be any six plants (a mix or all the same).  You may order any number of plants over 6. Your best shipping value comes in ordering a full box. We have boxes that hold 6, 12, 18, 24 or 36.

  • Our warranty: You have 7 days from the date of arrival of your plants to notify us of any problems caused in shipping. We will either send replacements or a refund, depending on the circumstances of the problem. Refunds under 5.00 are issued as store credit. Refunds over 5.00 are issued as a credit back on your card or as store credit, whichever you prefer. Plants are not returnable. Read more about our warranty and other shipping details here.

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Home » Plant for a Buck$ This is only available from May until November.
Petroselinum crispum (Curled Parsley)
Curled Parsley has the same culinary and nutritional value as Flat leaf Parsley but is more beautiful in containers and the garden.
Price: $1.00
Tricolor Garden Sage
Beautiful ornamental leaves of pink, white and green can be used for any recipe calling for Sage. Zones 5 and up.
Price: $1.00

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