Please read the information below BEFORE you place your order!

(Note that your cart or selected plant list is shown below this information)

  • Seasonal guarantee and delayed ship dates: We ship with a guarantee year-round to California, Florida and Hawaii. Between January and May orders placed from OTHER STATES will be scheduled to arrive after the last frost date in your area. You will receive a notice in your email stating your expected ship date.
    • California, Florida and Hawaii shipping options: If you are located in California, Florida, or Hawaii and you wish to receive plants right away, please make sure the items you order are in stock. Between January and May all items are available to order but are not necessarily in stock because we are taking back orders for spring delivery. If you are in one of these states but wish to receive plants later in spring, please type "Spring Delivery" in the comment box (on the address page of the order form).
    • Shipping options for other states: If you are NOT in California, Hawaii or Florida, you have 2 options:
      • Option 1 - delay shipping until spring (default): Place an order now and have us schedule the order for spring (after the last frost date in your area). If you indicate nothing in the comment box, this is the way your order will be handled. We will email you shortly after you order with your expected spring shipping date.
      • Option 2 - waive your warranty: Waive your warranty and have plants shipped right away. This is only available for in-stock items, so please make sure the items you order are in stock. If you choose to do this, you will need to type "WAIVE WARRANTY" in the comment box (located on the address page of the order form).

  • Minimum order of 6 plants: Due to the way we ship, we have a minimum order of six plants. It can be any six plants ( a mix or all the same).  You may order any number of plants over 6. Your best shipping value comes in ordering a full box. We have boxes that hold 6, 12, 18, 24 or 36.

  • Our warranty: You have 7 days from the date of arrival of your plants to notify us of any problems caused in shipping. We will either send replacements or a refund, depending on the circumstances of the problem. Refunds under 5.00 are issued as store credit. Refunds over 5.00 are issued as a credit back on your card or as store credit, whichever you prefer. Plants are not returnable. Read more about our warranty and other shipping details here.

You are currently in your PLANT SHOPPING CART. You can also visit your PLUG TRAY CART,. We use separate carts for potted plants and plug trays to insure safe arrival of your purchases.

Ecommerce Plus Generic Template - Instructions

The template here uses two simple tables and three PHP include pages, this makes changing the design, colours and addition of graphics incredibly simple. We've also included a .css file for you to work from. There is more information on using PHP includes on our site here.

The top dark blue section is a table with one row, two columns and a background color. You can add rows columns and graphics to get the header section looking the way you want it.

Below that is another table, with a left hand side cell set to 130 pixels and a light blue background color and the main cell set at 100%. Within that main cell is another table. This can be split into rows and columns to add your main content, news sections, text, graphics etc.

At the bottom you have the text links and copyright information.


We have included an example .css file for you to work from for changing text and hyperlink properties.


The only graphics associated are the ecommercetemplates logo, which should be replaced with your own and clearpixel.gif which is a transparent spacer gif used for holding cells open and positioning. The left hand menu uses text but could of course be simply adapted to a graphical menu.


You can probably make all the changes you need to this template yourself but if you require any custom work or professional help, please contact Andy at and he'll send you a quote for the work you require.


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