Vegetables, Herbs and Fruit


Vegetables, Herbs & Fruit is a massive 640-page, full-color encyclopedia. Written by three very accomplished gardeners that include an organic gardening specialist, a vegetable gardening expert and a highly acclaimed herbalist, this book is a big value for anyone just starting out in any of these areas or anyone wishing to dig deeper into the nuances of what they already grow.

Did you know that Okra does best when it is planted with melons and cucumbers? Or that Angelica leaves can be eaten fresh from early spring to early summer and then should be dried from early summer until flowering? Surely you knew that sour cherries fruit on younger wood than sweet cherries so they can be pruned harder!

Seventy different vegetables are explored in the first part of the book. Each vegetable has its own section, which covers history, varieties, cultivation (which includes growing, maintenance, and harvesting and storing), pests and diseases, companion planting and culinary uses (which usually has a recipe highlighting that vegetable).

The next section of the book goes over more than 100 herbs. Each herb has its own section which is broken down into its different species, cultivation requirements (which includes propagation, pests and diseases, maintenance, garden cultivation and harvesting), container growing tips, culinary and medicinal uses.

Fruits, including nuts, berries and some unusual plants like prickly pear cactus, take up the last part of the book. There are 100 fruits that are cataloged, and each fruit's section includes varieties, cultivation (which includes ornamental and wildlife value, maintenance, propagation, pruning and training and weed, pest and disease control), companion planting, harvesting and storing and culinary use (which usually provides a nice recipe).

The last 100 or so pages of the book cover gardening ideas with topics that range from ornamental vegetable gardens to crop rotation.

More than just a boring recitation of plant facts, Vegetables, Herbs & Fruit is a colorful foray into the garden that will both educate and excite.

Vegetables, Herbs and Fruit Vegetables, Fruits and Herbs
By Matthew Biggs, Jekka McVicar,
and Bob Flowerdew
640 pages 



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