When is an oil not an oil? When it is an essential oil. The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Essential Oils tells us that really the term essence is more appropriate. Those tiny little vials termed essential oils are really the pure plant parts with nothing added, usually obtained by some kind of distillation process like steam. It takes a lot of plant to make a little bit of essence. Be careful not to leave the lid off because they evaporate (ever see an oil evaporate?) A plant's essence can help to heal us, calm us, or make us happy. Different plants contain different oils that do different things. These oils used separately or blended together have powerful physiological and psychological actions. Julia Lawless brings over 150 essential oils and the plants they come from to life as she explains each plant's chemical components and what they are used for. The individual plant pages contain not only full color photos of the plants and its parts, but also the vials of essential oils, important to those of us seeking quality oils. The therapeutic index helpful in providing a list of preferred oils for specific ailments as well as alternates if that is what you happen to have.

I particularly enjoyed reading about the many uses of basil oil. I seem to have at least one need from each of her use categories (Skin care, Circulation, Muscles and Joints, Respiratory System, Digestive System, Genito Urinary System, Immune System and Nervous System). As a nerve tonic she rates it A1. I guess my body must know what it needs; I never seem to get enough pesto.

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Essential Oils ORDER
The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Essential Oils
By Julia Lawless

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