It's a little disconcerting that we need a book to teach us what our Grandmothers knew instinctively or by shared knowledge. But, in our whirlwind world of prepared food and fast food, even the most basic preservation techniques can seem like a foreign language. If you only use one tenth of the valuable information in this book to prepare your own organic dishes, your life will be made that much more whole and healthy. This is a complete guide full of know how that will get your do it yourself juices flowing.  

The four main headings are:

Vegetables and Fruits which covers everything from picking the best variety of tomato to grow for freezing or drying to how to dry, freeze, pickle, can, or juice that tomato. Or maybe you want to turn your tomatoes into relish or jelly. This chapter covers all the fruits and veggies and anything you can imagine (plus some you probably hadn't thought of) doing with your harvest. The recipes in this chapter have been created with the freezer in mind, but they are so good, they may not make it that far.

Dairy Foods, the next chapter, churns up all the facts on milk, cream, eggs, butter, cheese, ice cream and even yogurt. I like the what can go wrong sections, they must have anticipated I would read this book.

Meats, Poultry and Fish make up the third chapter. Here we learn how to freeze combination dishes (so they aren't little blocks of ice when we go to cook them later), as well as, the proper way to dry and can these staples.

Nuts, Seeds, Grains and Sprouts is one of my favorite sections. Making fresh herb breads and spreading them with nut butters makes me head for the kitchen.

This version was revised in 1986 and it may differ slightly from the information above. You see I have been using the book since 1978 when it first came out. Some information is timeless. 

Stocking up III ORDER
Stocking Up III

by Carol Hupping
640 Pages
Stocking Up Revised once again in 1990 and published in paperback with a slight name change.

Stocking Up
by Carol Hupping
640 pages


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