Peterson Field Guides for Eastern/ Central and Western Medicinal Plants and Herbs


Written by noted authors Steven Foster, James Duke and Christopher Hobbs these guides are a great way to learn about the plants around you. 

The purpose of these books is simple. It is to help you identify the plants around you. The pages of these books will astound you. If they weren't so small and handy, they would be coffee table books. Full of gorgeous photos and encyclopedic facts, these books let you take the first step, identification, toward appreciating the thousands of plants in your woods and forests. 

Each book contains Common Names and Botanic Names, Conservation and Harvesting, Parts Used and How, Where Found and Warnings, and, of course, those great photos.

Learning about these plants from the photographs and insights of respected herbalists, botanists and naturalists allows us to discover, appreciate and preserve the treasures in our own back yards.

Peterson Field Guides for Eastern/Central
Medicinal Plants and Herbs

By Steven Foster and James Duke

The EASTERN/CENTRAL GUIDE contains photos for all plants listed and covers the all states east of, but excluding, Colorado, Montana, and New Mexico. It does not fully cover the southern half of Florida or the southern and western halves of Texas. Adjacent regions of Canadian provinces are included but toward the southern western and extreme northern extensions of the range, the coverage is less extensive.

Peterson Field Guides for Western Medicinal
Plants and Herbs

By Steven Foster
and Christopher Hobbs

The WESTERN GUIDE contains 500 species and almost 600 photos and covers the area west of the Mississippi River from the western Great Plains and West Texas through the intermountain West, including Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah, to the desert Southwest of New Mexico and Arizona and the Pacific states of California, Oregon, and Washington. Many of these plants also occur in adjacent areas of southern Canada, northern Mexico and Baja California.

Eastern/Central Medicinal Plants and Herbs
Western Medicinal Plants and Herbs

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