Joie Davidow's telling of Aztec history is mesmerizing. When she draws her conclusion that, had the Aztecs survived, their herbal medicines would rival those of the Chinese, I was totally convinced.

Finding Herbal Infusions while looking for books on herbal tea was a stroke of luck. And, while the Mexicans may have as many herbs in their medicine chests as the Chinese, this book concentrates on about 200 or so of the most commonly found and used. 

I have always felt that we should make use of the herbs that grow around us instead of trying to grow those from another region. So I was excited to find a book about southwestern herbs. 

What I didn't expect was how many plants were included that were NOT from the Mexican area or even the southwest. It shows that her research is up to date on what herbs are being used by the Mexicans for medicinal purposes today. 

Particularly useful is the extensive lists of names given for each plant. Common names vary so much from region to region that it can be difficult to locate the correct herb for the healing tea recipe. 

Not only are we given several Mexican names for the plants but also the Nahuatl or Aztec name. Almost every imaginable ailment is listed and which single or combined herbs should be used.  Easy to use and handy to have this book is also fascinating just to read.

Infusions of Healing
By Joie Davidow
304 Pages
October 1999

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