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From babies to the elderly, in Home Herbal, Penelope Ody addresses the seven stages of life and how to care for ourselves at each one. Her emphasis is on taking charge of one's own day to day health. 

She teaches us how to make and use syrups, infusions, decoctions, tinctures, tonic wines, capsules, compresses, poultices, hot and cold infused oils, massage oils, ointments, creams, lotions, emulsions, eyewashes, mouthwashes and more. 

There are full color photos of how she makes these as well as photos of the plants she uses. There is a remedies for common aliments section that lists the herbs used for specific problems and which way of using it is preferable.

I am sure when Shakespeare wrote of the seven ages of man he had no idea how stressful life would be in the 21st century and how necessary health maintenance would be. Penelope Ody has it figured out though. Thank Goodness.

Here is her recipe for making a cold infused oil.
Tightly pack a glass jar and cover with cold pressed safflower oil or walnut oil. After it stands for 2 to 3 weeks, strain it through a muslin bag. Take this oil and add it to fresh herbs and more oil and keep repeating until you have enough to use. This book is full of great hands on information like this.

Home Herbal ORDER
Home Herbal

By Penelope Ody
144 Pages
June 1995
The Chinese Medicinal Bible Most recently by Ms. Ody:
The Chinese Medicine Bible
400 pages
February 2011

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