Herbs of the Bible

James Duke is to herbal medicine and ethnobotany what herbs are to the Bible; an intrinsic force. This book is the coffee table book of the Biblical Herb Books. Dr. Duke weaves history and folklore together with scientific research on over 50 herbs recorded in the Bible. In addition, Peggy Kessler Duke, his wife of nearly four decades, has added her artistic rendition of many of the plants. 

Dr. Duke has traveled more than once to the Holy Land with his own unique eye on the plants he loves, herbs. His folklore on each herb points to the places he has been and the people and plants he has studied. For instance, he tells us of Chicory, a bitter herb of the Bible, that in Iran it is used as a cooling medicine in attacks of excess bile. And, of raw Bay Laurel berries that the Lebanese mountain people used these berries mashed with flour as a poultice for dislocated joints. 

All the herbs are given a bible reference and thorough explanation of their Biblical connection. It is the history that ties us to the plants. As the subtitle of this book points out, it has been 2000 years of Herbal Medicine.

It is evident that Dr. Duke has devoted his life to herbs and their medicinal use. His witty writing style only enhances his great knowledge.


Herbs of the Bible

Herbs of the Bible

By James Duke
255 pages
August 2007

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