Bicolor Butterfly Bush, Orchid and Crimson Spot Rockrose  

Some bicolor flowers are subtle with their color combinations and some just sport a bit of another color. The muted spring colors of the Bicolor Butterfly Bush are not so obvious when looking at a single bloom but, when the bush is covered with these dotted spots of pink and orange, the effect is spectacular. Similarly, these Rockroses are just dotted with a blotch at the base of each petal. But, when viewed in mass, this little bit of different color brings depth to the flower which draws your eye to their spectacular display.

Chomley Farran Dianthus

Other bicolor flowers are so striking that they take your breath away. Many Dianthus, like Dianthus Nova, have more than one shade of the same color located within their petals But others, like Chomley Farran mix it up with two different colors. Chomley Farran is so vibrant you would almost think it was dyed by a human instead of by nature.

Fragrant Dianthus Nova
Magic Carrousel and Sierra Sunrise Miniature Roses

Magic Carrousel and Sierra Sunrise miniature roses show their bicolor markings in fairly uniform ways that are both beautiful and sophisticated. Twister, on the other hand,  is a riot of color that not only has no repeatable pattern but also varies in hues of red from flower to flower.

In the Salvia family, Hot Lips Salvia shows its "Twister" qualities by also varying where the splotching appears on the flower and how deep the hue. While Mexican Bush Sage and Diane Texas Sage give us the same pattern and color placement every time.

All of these amazing bicolor flowers are show stoppers that will take your garden to a new level. For more information on a specific plant, click on its photo.

Twister Miniature Rose
Mexican Bush Sage, Diane Texas Sage and Hot Lips Salvia

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