As greenhouse growers, we know the difficulty that can be encountered when trying to grow in an artificial environment. For plants to be happy and grow well,  warmth, light and moisture must all be at the right levels. With this in mind, we have sought out the products that will help the home gardener create the perfect indoor growing space. 


The Germination Station


Germination Station

The Germination Station's waterproof tray is the perfect size to hold one of three sizes of cell trays: the 72 cell tray that comes with the Germination Station, the refillable Rapid Rooter Natural Plant Starter tray with 50 pre-filled cells, or the 128 Plug Tray (see below) which can be used with our Organic Gro Container Mix.

For extra tall starts, choose the 7" Mondi Humidity Dome Cover to go with your germination station or any of the trays listed below. It has two ventilation points on top to help plants get just the right amount of air.

This simple set up will insure your success whether you are starting seeds or making cuttings. It  consists of a waterproof heat mat that is 17 watts, 120 volt, an 11" x 22" waterproof tray,  a 72 cell tray to plant in, a 2 inch humidity dome, seed starting booster and instructions with growing tips. Soil is not included.

Germination Station

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Heat Mats
Double Wide
Windowsill Width

Double Seedling Heat Mat

Windowsill Size Heat Mat

The same great Heat Mat that is included in the Germination Station.  Choose double wide which is a  45 watt mat that measures 20" x 20.75" or windowsill width which is 7.5 watts and  measures 3" wide by 20" long. Both will increase the warmth of the root zone area by 10-20 degrees over ambient room temperature. They are waterproof and come with a six foot power cord. Light, watering and planting tips are printed right on the mat.

Double Wide Seedling Heat Mat



Windowsill Width
Heat Mat



Digital Heat Mat Thermostat


Digital Heat Mat Thermostat

When used with seedling mats or germination stations, the digital heat mat thermostat maintains precise temperatures from 68 to 108  Fahrenheit which will help seeds to germinate and cuttings to root. It turns the mat off when the desired temperature is reached. It has a handy Illuminated indicator light and a safety 3-prong ground plug



Heat Mat Thermostat



Rapid Rooter Natural Plant Starters


Rapid Rooter Plug Trays

These larger plugs are great for letting seeds and cuttings grow to a larger size before transplanting. Inoculated with beneficial bacteria, fungi and micronutrients, this simple and clean method of propagation is sure to make growing more fun. Trays can be refilled and used again and again

Choose a Rapid Rooter or
Rapid Rooter Refill:



12 Cell Mini Window Greenhouse

12 cell mini greenhouse

It is a small thing that can be a big help with all kinds of seeds. This little kit has 12 fast-expanding, earth-friendly biodegradable peat pellets in a reusable waterproof tray. The reusable plastic dome maintains humidity and warmth necessary for seed germination. For a little extra warmth, set this on our Windowsill Heat Mat.

Simply fill the tray with water and, when the discs have expanded, carefully dump out excess water. Plant one seed in the middle and then place the dome on top. Remove the dome as soon as seeds have sprouted to avoid mold. Once seeds are up they should be placed in bright light.

A fun project for small children is to use sunflower seeds and the mini greenhouse. Sunflowers sprout rapidly and are fairly reliable.

12 Cell Mini Greenhouse



Plug Trays, Mesh Trays, Water Trays

128 Plug Trays are what we use for all our propagation. Each cell is only 3/4 by 3/4 of an inch so that plants can't stay in there very long, but it does conserve on space. They can be placed in one of the waterproof trays above or in a mesh tray that will let water drain through. They don't have to be placed in a  tray, but it does tend to extend their life by providing support. Sold in groups of 5. Ground shipping is included.

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More Seeding Accessories


This Seed Pack Label Holder is handy for keeping track of seed packets. Visit our label page for more plant label options.

Set of 6.

In our greenhouses, we water with fine mist until the plants have rooted well. The Dramm Fogg-It delivers a similar fine spray. The SeedMaster has a built in thumb ratchet that vibrates the seeds down the trowel. The bridge at the edge of the trowel is adjustable for different size seeds.  

Seed Label Holder



Dramm Fogg-It 1gpm






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