High Intensity Discharger Lighting Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium


The two best artificial light sources for plants are Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium lights. Both are High Intensity Discharge or HID. The bulbs operate at high voltages and high temperatures and require special fixtures, which consists of a reflector hood and an energy source or ballast.

Metal Halide lamps encourage rapid, compact vegetative growth. Their intense white, broad spectrum light contains an abundance of blue, which mimics the brilliant clear skies of spring. Metal Halide provides the most complete light and is the best choice when little or no natural light is present.

High Pressure Sodium lamps entice the plant to grow tall, flower and fruit. They contain a concentration of red light which mimics fall sunlight, when the sun is lower in the sky and light is filtered through more atmosphere. High Pressure Sodium lamps put out about 15% more light per watt than Metal Halide lamps and are considered the best choice for supplementing natural light when lush growth, fruiting or flowering is desired. 

We offer three Systems for most plant lighting needs, The Sunburst System, The Xtrasun System and the Lumatek E-Ballast System.

Sunburst Convertible e-Ballast Light Systems

Our Sunburst Light Systems offer the reflector hood and the ballast in one convenient unit making it perfect for small spaces. The ballast can be used with either a Metal Halide Bulb or a High Pressure Sodium Bulb. The Sunburst System will deliver more usable light energy for maximum plant performance and will operate at cooler, quieter levels than any other compact system on the market. Each Sunburst System will cover approximately an 8' by 8' square. There is 5 year manufacturer's warranty on the UL listed ballast electrical components (please keep your receipts). These systems can be air cooled by using the lighting cooling kit listed in the drop down box below. Each Sunburst  Convertible e-Ballast System measures 6.75"H x 12.75"W x 20"L and comes with instructions, hangers and lighting recommendations. Please note that these systems will only accept 400 Watt Bulbs.

Sunburst System Halide and Sodium Lights with Premium Bulbs
400 Watt Sunburst E Ballast Convertible Halide System Kit

400 watts of intense white light will pour over your indoor garden. The highly efficient reflector delivers more light to the plant canopy.  Our Metal Halide Kit Includes the hood, ballast, a 400 Watt Agrosun Gold Halide bulb, which in addition to their blue-white spectrum, has more of the red wavelengths than other halides, and the tempered glass safety lens which helps to keep the bulb clean and prolong its life. $250.95

400 Watt E Ballast Convertible System Sodium Kit

Flood your plants with 400 watts of light, rich in the red spectrum. Our Sodium Halide Kit Includes the hood, ballast, a 400 watt Hortilux High Pressure Sodium Bulb, which provides more energy in the violet, blue and green spectrum than other High Pressure Sodium Bulbs, and the tempered glass safety lens which helps to keep the bulb clean and prolong its life. $269.95

400 Watt Sunburst E Ballast Convertible System Two Bulb Kit

This money saving kit combines the Sunburst e-Ballast with the 400 Watt Agrosun Gold Halide Bulb, the 400 Watt Hortilux High Pressure Sodium Bulb and tempered glass safety lens. $324.95

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Separate Components


Xtrasun 1000 Watt Convertible Ballast Kit
XTRASUN Convertible ballast and air coolable reflector.

What a great idea! Now you need only one system for both the growth phase and the flowering stage of your plants. With the simple flick of a switch (and change of a bulb), this ballast allows you to  use either a metal halide bulb for the growth phase or a high pressure sodium bulb for the flowering and fruiting stage.  Our 1000 watt kit comes with the Xtrasun 1000 Watt Convertible Ballast for the larger indoor garden, a rugged Xtrasun Reflector Hood with glass lens and cord and both a Phillips 1000 watt high pressure sodium bulb and a Phillips 1000 watt metal halide bulb. 1000 watt sodium and halide Hortilux replacement bulbs are also available.

The Xtrasun ballast is made of aluminum and has cooling ports to let warm air escape and keep the unit from over heating. It comes with a 5 year warranty. Order below.

Keep it cool and improve the performance of your lighting system. The Xtrasun Reflector above may be used with the side vent it comes with or it may have a fan mounted in this spot by using the Light Cooling System Kit.

Active Air Fans have durable ceramic-coated metal housing which helps to provide quiet operation. Includes a high quality molded impeller, a thermally protected AC motor, mounting brackets and an 8 foot pre-wired 120V cord. All components are UL recognized. 5 year warranty.
Light Cooling System $21.95
4 inch Active Air Fan $99.95

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Separate Components


Lumatek e-Ballasts

Step up to the Cadillac of ballasts! The Lumatek e-Ballast is in a class by itself. Superior engineering gives us a long-lasting, totally silent unit that also gives us more light output. Plus, the microprocessor it uses allows it to be more efficiently convertible than other electronic ballasts. This means you can use either a metal halide or a high pressure sodium bulb. All those fins surrounding the unit are actually an ingenious cooling system. To help keep it even cooler there are little rubber feet underneath to allow for more air to circulate. The e-Ballast comes with a 3 year full warranty plus a 2 year prorated warranty.  We offer this in a 400 watt 120/240 volt model and dimmable 1000 watt 120/240 volt  model.

Use with the Xtrasun Reflector pictured above and choose from the bulbs in the drop down box below.

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Replacement Bulbs for HID Lighting

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Heavy Duty Light Timer

Heavy Duty Timer

In order for lighting to be beneficial, it has to be consistent. For fluorescents, this can mean as much as 14 hours each day, for high intensity discharge, it can mean 4 or more hours a day. This hard to find 24 hour cycle timer can handle a 15 amp load (1875 watts), more than enough to run the largest grow light. Run time can be set to as little as 15 minutes. Great for lighting, pumps, fans and coolers. Plugs into any wall outlet.

Heavy Duty Light Timer



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