Gopher Gaurds

Gopher Guard Ready To Use!

Folded flat like an envelope, it does take a bit of strength to push the cage open. The cage won't be as perfectly round as the manufacture's picture shows. But, since perfectly round holes are hard to come by, that works out just fine. 

The sides are reinforced with metal seams so there are no unfinished edges to poke at you! Now that is a definite improvement over a homemade cage. The  One Gallon Gopher Guard shown above is ready for planting!

  These are being discontinued and we have only the five gallon Gopher Guards left.  

One Five Gallon Gopher Guard
Approximately 12" diameter





Easy Set Small 1-Door Animal Trap

Finally a humane way to deal with pests. This  trap can be set easily with one hand and released with one hand. The lever is ideally positioned for releasing animal. Just make sure to stand behind the trap when you open the door to set the animal free. There are no sharp surfaces or edges to harm the animals trapped inside. Ideal for catching chipmunks, rats, red and flying squirrels and similar-size nuisance animals.


Easy Set Small Animal Trap



Resists rust and corrosion. This cage measures 17.6L x 6.6W x 7.4"H. Instructions and tips on baits and trap setting are included. Comes fully assembled and ready to use. Designed by professional trappers. Made in the U.S.A. $32.95  

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