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This spring marks the beginning of the 25th year that Mountain Valley Growers has been growing organic plants. For most of those years, we have concentrated on herbs and perennials. To kick off the next 25 years, we have added 44 varieties of organic vegetable plants, including two varieties of strawberry plants. After all, what goes better with herbs than vegetables? We have christened this new part of our business the Organic Farmstand Collection (be sure to catch our grand opening sale below). With everything from Artichoke to Zucchini, this collection of fabulous veggies will give everyone a chance to grow their own food easily and organically in their own backyard.


 And, since we have them started for you, you don't have to remember to sow the seed six weeks before in the basement on top of the radiator, praying they will come up and then grow before they damp off. You don't have to struggle to plant the right number of seeds in the row (only to dump most of them in one spot anyway) and then, should it grow,  having to thin 20 of them out so you have just the one that should have been there in the first place. You only have to put them in and watch them grow.

OK, you do have to do your part, but you knew that was coming. But we have you covered with all the new products that we have added to make your job of gardening organically even easier. Be sure to check out our new web section just for Vegetable Gardening Supplies that has great new products like biodegradable paper mulch. This paper is so cool. Just place it on the ground, make an x with a knife and put in a plant. At the end of the season, you can leave the paper as a weed cover until it degrades, or you can add it to your compost pile. The paper keeps all the weeds away, and we all like that, don't we? Or, try our new Jobe's Fertilizer Spikes formulated just for veggies. And, yes, they are organic! We have added new organic pesticides too. We are amazed at how many new organic products have come on the market, and we just had to add those we knew would help you battle your bugs brilliantly.

As a matter of fact, organic products may be the fastest growing part of the gardening business. The buzz at the last buyers show we attended was all about organics and, in an industry that loves its chemicals, it made us downright proud to see the organic producers standing tall next to those other guys. This is happening  because you, as concerned gardeners, have stepped up to the plate. When you walk into your local depot store and ask for the organic compost, it does make a difference.  You have the power to make manufacturers sit up and take notice. So, whatever you do this spring, we hope you enjoy your garden, add a few new plants, try a few new products and keep on thinking organic.

Our Farmstand Collection of organic vegetable and strawberry plants is now open for business! And, we have put some great sales together to celebrate.





6 Different Vegetables (our choice) $17.55 (normally $19.50) 6 Different Tomatoes (our choice) $17.55 (normally $19.50)
12 Pack of Vegetables 2 of 6 different kinds (our choice) $31.20 (normally $39.00) 12 Pack of Tomatoes 2 of 6 different kinds (our choice) $31.20 (normally $39.00)
24 Pack of Vegetables 3 of 6 different kinds (our choice) $54.60 (normally $78.00) 24 Pack of Vegetables 3 of 6 different kinds (our choice) $54.60 (normally $78.00)

To order these special offers or any of our other Farmstand Vegetable Plants, please click here.

We searched through tons of books on veggies and picked the two we thought were most worthy of having in your library.


Farmer John's Cookbook:
The Real Dirt on Vegetables

You might not think you could learn much about cooking from a guy in a boa holding a pitchfork. But, this book has 255 downright cool recipes that cover 35 vegetables.  A great read and a must have for any veggie grower.

Vegetables, Herbs & Fruit:
An Illustrated Encyclopedia


Vegetables, Herbs & Fruit is a massive 640-page, full-color encyclopedia. Written by three very accomplished gardeners that include an organic gardening specialist, a vegetable gardening expert and a highly acclaimed herbalist, this book is a big value for anyone just starting out in any of these areas or anyone wishing to dig deeper into the nuances of what they already grow.

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