It is that time of year again when we are ready to ship our freshly dug Organic Bare Root Strawberry Crowns. Thense come in units of 100 and 1000. We ship your crowns as you order them. Please check with your local USDA for appropriate planting times in your area. If you wish to order now and then delay your shipping, you may indicate your shipping time in the comment box on the order form. Strawberry crowns are shipped on Tuesdays only. Orders must be received by the previous Sunday. Available November through March while supplies last.

Tips for bare root plantings. Plant within 24 hours of receipt. Avoid exposure to the air which can dry roots and cause plants to die. Plant the crown of the plant so it just barely sticks up above the ground. Fan the roots out a bit when you put them in the hole. Make sure both roots and soil are moist when planted. Firm the plants in by pressing on both sides of the crown with either your feet or your hands. The plants pictured above are freshly dug from our November harvest. As time goes by the green leaves disappear so, if you receive your crowns later in the winter or early spring, your crowns may not show leaves when you receive them. The crowns are still perfectly fine!

Strawberry Plants

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