Quickie update from Herb:
Well, it looks like another record year for lavender lovers. To celebrate the wonderful world of lavender, I have arranged for several great lavender deals that are sure to entice you to plant your own little bit of lavender heaven.  If you need more information on lavender, please be sure to read our newsletter Lavender 1-2-3. We have also changed our Bargain Plant Specials and have listed them below.  Don't forget orders for Mother's Day must reach us by May 1 for delivery the week of May 2.



May be ordered without a minimum of six other plants at the regular price.
Dutch Mill, Fred Boutin, English and Provence are rated Zone 5 and up.
Allardii and Sweet Lavender are rated Zone 8 and up.
Please go to this link to order any of the Ride the Lavender Wave Specials.

ISP 959 Learning to Love Lavender 6 Pack
 1 plant each of  Dutch Mill, Fred Boutin, English,
Provence, Allardii and Sweet Lavender

 ISP 960 Living and Loving Lavender in Zone 5 and up 6 Pack
2 plants each of Dutch Mill, Fred Boutin and Provence $12.99

ISP 961 Lavender Lassos the Small Garden 18 Pack
6 each Dutch Mill, Fred Boutin, and Provence

ISP 962 Loving Lavender by Halves 36 Pack (Option 1)
18 plants each of Dutch Mill and Fred Boutin $59.99

ISP 963 Loving Lavender by Halves 36 Pack (Option 2)
18 plants each of Dutch Mill and English $59.99

ISP 964 Loving Lavender by Halves 36 Pack (Option 3)
18 plants each of Dutch Mill and Provence $59.99

ISP 965 Loving Lavender by Halves 36 Pack (Option 4)
18 plants each of Allardii and Sweet $59.99

ISP 966 Loyal to Lavender 36 Pack (Option 1)
36 plants Dutch Mill

ISP 967 Loyal to Lavender 36 Pack (Option 2)
36 plants Fred Boutin $59.99

 ISP 968 Loyal to Lavender 36 Pack (Option 3)
36 plants English Lavender $59.99

ISP 969 Loyal to Lavender 36 Pack (Option 4)
36 plants Provence Lavender $59.99

ISP 970 Loyal to Lavender 36 Pack (Option 5)
36 plants Allardii Lavender $59.99

ISP 971 Loyal to Lavender 36 Pack (Option 6)
36 plants Sweet Lavender $59.99



Bargain Plants

The list of Bargain Plants changes more often than we send out our newsletter. You can see the up to date version on our Internet Specials Page. Order as many as you like at 1.59 each, after the minimum order of six plants at the regular price is met. This is our way of saying "Thanks for being our customer!"


This week's offerings include
Powis Castle Artemisia,
Bowles Mauve Wallflower
(see a picture of this incredible plant
at the top of this page, Zone 6)
Moroccan Mint,
Lavender Bee Balm,
Greek Oregano,
Upright Rosemary,
Peacock Scented Geranium,
Golden Garden Sage,
Mexican Bush Sage (limit 12),
Lamb's Ear,
Silver Thyme,
Loveyanus Thyme,
and Germander.
For your convenience, each plant above is hyperlinked to its own page of information, but to receive the Internet Special Price please go to this page. Internet specials cannot be guaranteed on back orders.


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