Lippia triphylla, Lippia citriodora, Aloysia citriodora, Verveine citronelle or odorante, Herb Louisa, lemon scented verbena, Verbena triphylla, and Lippia triphylla; Lemon Verbena has had many names in the past but no matter what it is called its flavor and fragrance of lemon is second to no other lemony herb. The flavor of Lemon Verbena is reminiscent of lemon candy, sweet with strong lemon and no sourness.

Cooking with Lemon Verbena is a fun experience. Like most herbs it has its own flavor profile that, while very close to lemon, has an extra essence that can best be described as an earthy freshness. Leaves and flowers can be used both fresh and dried.

Lemon Verbena leaves can be harvested anytime for drying. Lemon Verbena leaves are thin and dry quickly. After cutting the leaves, they should be washed and lain flat or hung in small batches to dry. Pick a nice dark spot with good air circulation or cover lightly with a paper towel. Bunches can be loosely placed in paper bags. The important thing to remember when drying any herb is to check daily for dryness. As soon as the herbs are dry (when they crackle and crumble in your hand) they should be placed in an air tight container out of the light. Dried Lemon Verbena leaves and flowers can be powdered and sprinkled on veggies or fish or combined with other dried herbs to add a subtle hint of freshness.

Lemon Verbena grows long and pendulous in the shade.


Fresh Lemon Verbena leaves are used to make sun tea, soak in liquid for sugar syrups, make flavored liqueurs or make flavored oils. For making dishes where fresh leaves will be eaten (like a pesto) the young leaves are more desirable.

Visit our Lemon Verbena page online for  more information on growing, harvesting and using this lemony wonder.

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