Below are some of our favorite gadgets that can be attached to your lowly garden hose. Don't struggle with watering, get the right attachment and get the job done! Use the drop down box at the bottom of this page to order.

Fogg-It Nozzles

This all brass nozzle gently waters new seed trays and emerging seedlings. The three jets produce a fine misty fog that won't wash soil out of newly seeded trays and won't damage tender sprouts. But, because it puts out a gallon a minute, watering gets done quickly. If you like to grow your own plants from seeds, then this nozzle is a must have. 1 gallon a minute $8.95 nozzle is by Dramm. The 4 gallons a minute nozzle is by Fogg-It $8.95

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Dramm Fogg-It

Dramm Gentle Rain Water Breaker

They call it a water breaker because it allows water flow to be broken into lots of little streams that, while putting out a lot of water, don't lay plants over with a harsh burst of water. This lightweight head is made of high-impact plastic and aluminum. $6.95

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Dramm Gentle Rain Water Breaker
Gilmour Power Flow Nozzle

Powerful adjustable spray (cone, sharp stream, full action) that can be used with hot or cold water. Use with 5/8" or larger hose for best performance. Built to last.

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Gilmour Power Flow Nozzle
Gilmour Gentle Shower Nozzle

This light-weight nozzle is used daily in the nursery to water thousands of plants. We like how the multitude of holes keeps the water spray fine. Everything gets wet but nothing gets pounded! $5.95

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Gilmour Gentle Shower Nozzle
Bug Blaster Nozzle

This light-weight nozzle tip creates a 360 degree sheet of high pressure mist that delivers a lethal blow to aphids, spider mites, whiteflies, mealybugs and other insect pests. Clean your plants of bugs and water at the same time. 

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Dramm Sweeper Nozzle

No more holding your thumb over the end of the hose to wash down the drive way! This little nozzle puts out a driving fan-like pattern that gets the job done quicker.
Constructed of heavy duty brass so it doesn't crack when you accidentally drop it on the patio.

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Dramm Sweeper Nozzle


Dramm Ergonomic Shut-Off Valve

Give your fingers a break! This specially designed shut-off valve provides fingertip  control at the end of your garden hose. A simple quarter turn of the large handle and the water is off--even when your hands are wet! Made from heavy-duty plastic, this valve is engineered to withstand higher water pressures than ordinary inexpensive plastic valves. $4.95

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Dramm Shut Off Valve

Dramm Syphonject
Liquid Fertilizer Injector

Now you can inject liquid fertilizers into your lawn and garden sprinkler or hose end sprayer and fertilize a large area quickly. Place the Syphonject on your faucet, run the tube into your liquid fertilizer, attach the hose and start fertilizing. Click here for  a demonstration. $12.95

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Gilmour 4 Way Solid Brass
Shut Off Hose Connector

Stop switching your hose-end devices back and forth. With this handy gadget you can use your scarecrow, sprayer, sprinkler and syphonject with ease. $19.95

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Gilmour 4 Way Brass Shut Off Valve
Gilmour 4 Way Rugged Polymer Shut Off Hose Connector
Light weight, durable, rustproof, polymer hose shut off cap type valve handles resist breakage. Longer legs prevent hose kinks at faucet and full ball and retainer rings reduce leakage, even at low pressure. $11.95

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Gilmour 4 Way Plastic Shut Off Valve
Gilmour Hose End Deluxe Sprayer

Automatically mixes liquid lawn and garden treatments with water.

The convenient mixing dial helps to eliminates confusion by showing  measurements in both teaspoons and tablespoons, and ounces per gallon.

Gilmour Hose-End Deluxe Sprayer

12 specially selected mixture settings meet the needs of most popular garden treatments(1-1/2 tsp./gal. to 8 oz./gal). Four pattern spray dial selects patterns for lawn, shrub, tree and garden applications. Built-in-anti-siphon device prevents back flow. Off setting allows only water to be sprayed. 32 oz. Bottle increases versatility and minimizes refills. 1/4 turn bottle attachment to reduce spills and swivel nut for upright hose attachment. Durable, chemical resistant, rustproof polymer construction.  $15.95
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Gilmour Flat Weeper Hose
25 or 50 Feet

This hose lets water seep gently through its membrane to soak the area around and under it. The longer you leave it on, the larger the area will be that gets watered.

A flat hose has a lot of advantages over a round hose. The biggest advantage is the ease with which is can be laid down. Round soaker hoses get kinked easily and if you have a curvy garden can be difficult to use.

With a soaker hose, there is less water waste as compared to an over head sprinkler. And, unlike with drip hoses, there are no emitters to plug. Also, if water pressure is an issue a soaker hose is a great option because watering is slow. Our flat weeper hose comes with a connection on both ends so hoses can be strung together.  Add a water timer and you never have to worry about watering again. This product is made of a unique canvas that makes it lightweight and foldable for storage. It comes with a manufacturer's lifetime warranty (commercial use excluded). 50 Feet $13.95  25 Feet $10.95
Order Here. (50 foot hose now out of stock)

Gilmour Flower and Garden 50 Foot Sprinkler Kit

Gilmour do-it-yourself sprinkler kits come with everything needed to create a custom watering layout. Included in this easy to use kit are 50 feet of flexible tubing, 3 different kinds (2 each) reversible spray heads, 1 tube punch tool, 1 faucet adapter, 1 backflow valve, 1 tube connector, 1 tube end cap and 5 goof plugs.  Up to six kits can be connected together. Was $18.95  Now $9.95
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Gilmour Flower and Garden Sprinkler Kit

Sprinkler Kit Parts

3 different sprinkler patterns for all types of watering

Gilmour Deck and Patio 30 Foot Sprinkler Kit

Gilmour Deck and Patio Sprinkler Kit

Everything you need to water six plants on your deck or patio.  The kit includes: 30 feet of flexible tubing, 6 sprinklers with adjustable spray heads (from high to low), 5 t-connectors, 6 goof plugs, 1 backflow regulator, and 1 faucet adapter.  Tubing is easily cut with garden shears. We suggest laying your tubing out where you want it before you cut it.

You might also want to pair either kit with a water timer so the plants get watered regularly. Was $13.95  Now $9.95
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