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Link Ups Grow Through Grids Soft Twist
Tomato Towers

Link-Ups Connecting Stakes Plant Supports


If you have ever wanted your plants to stand more upright, then this is the solution for you. Link together two or twenty to make the configuration your plant needs. Unlike circles or squares, these supports can be added to an already growing plant, giving you more flexibility for propping up your plant. Link-Ups are made of heavy gauge solid steel wire coated with green vinyl to deter rusting and to blend into the foliage of the plant. Each stake is 24 inches tall and has a 10 inch connecting arm. They come in sets of three. One set is $9.95, Three sets are $19.95.

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Grow Through Grids

24 Inch Grow Through Grid Plant Support

Handy green, vinyl coated plant support keeps plants upright and healthy. Grids should be positioned over plants before they get too big. This 24 inch tall grid folds flat for easy storage.

Useful for peonies, daffodils, salvias and any other plant that tends to splay out in all directions. $6.95

Grow Through Grid 


Soft Twist Ties

Twist Ties Plant Supports

What a great idea! And, so useful. No more strangling your plants when you tie them up. Cushioned wire gently holds branches, flowers and fruits in place. Easy to reposition.

Two sizes. Light duty for soft vines and stems. Heavy duty for trees and shrubs.

16 Feet Light Duty $3.95.
16 Feet Heavy Duty $5.95.

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Tomato Towers

Tomato Tower Supports

Dress up untidy tomato plants while keeping fruit off the ground with our decorative Tomato Towers. These sturdy black towers come with 2, or 4 embossed bands for tomatoes to climb up and through. Rings are about 12 inches wide and 3/4 of an inch wide. The 2 band tower is 5 feet tall and is made of 13mm steel tubing. The 4 band tower is 7.5 feet tall and is made of 16mm steel tubing.  The pre-tapered legs can be easily positioned in soft ground or in potting soil in your favorite container.  Our soft twist ties are perfect for wayward branches that need to be coaxed back into the tower. Our 5 gallon Paper Pots make a nice big home for your patio tomato. And our Organic Gro Container Mix is just perfect for tomatoes.

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