Organic Fertilizers


Organic fertilizers have a different effect on the soil than chemical fertilizers do. They have a wide range of nutrients and micro nutrients that are needed to nurture the life of the soil. Indeed, soil that has been repeatedly treated with chemical fertilizers is often referred to as "dead soil". Organic fertilizers go beyond natural ingredients. They are certified free of pesticide and herbicide residue. Many seemingly organic amendments and fertilizers come from fields sprayed with toxic chemicals. The most recognizable of these may be Cottonseed Meal. This nice natural product is one of the most heavily sprayed crops in agriculture and the residue that is left behind in the meal can be significant. We offer three types of organic  fertilizers, dry granulated, liquid, and spikes from four great companies, McGeary's, MetaNaturals, California Organics, and Jobe's. All four have met the highest criteria for organic standards and their products are listed with the Organic Materials Review Institute as approved for organic production. 

The soil is your most important asset in the garden. Even the healthiest plants cannot survive if the soil is unbalanced. If you are wondering what the fertility of your soil is, you might want to invest in a soil test. We offer a reasonably priced kit that allows you to receive professional results and recommendations.



Jobe's Spikes

California Organics

Soil Test Kit

  McGeary Organic Fertilizer

McGeary Organic Fertilizers


Dry formula organic fertilizers are the perfect way to get your potted plants off to a great start. Mix with peat moss and perlite to make your own perfect potting soil. Or, top dress for a mid-season boost. We usually do both. The initial boon to the plant of having the fertilizer mixed into the potting soil should not be underestimated. After a couple of months a tablespoon or so applied to the top of the soil keeps the plant healthy. We have a long growing season, so we may top dress two or three times like this.

McGeary Organic Fertilizers are scientifically formulated from natural ingredients. They contain no manure and there are no foul odors so often associated with natural fertilizers. And, because nutrients are released as the plants need them, there is no danger of burning or killing your plants due to an overdose of chemicals. To gauge how much you might need for your garden, figure 1/2 lb to 1 lb per 10 square feet. A container would need only tablespoons. High quality, economical, and easy to use make McGeary's Organic Fertilizers the number one choice for Organic growers. We offer two blends in three sizes.

McGeary's 5-3-4 General Purpose Yard and Garden Fertilizer is  perfect for Herbs, Flowers, Vegetables and Lawns. An extensive listing of rate applications is included with every container. For example, for lawns, either with cool or warm season grass the application would be 40 lbs per 1000 square feet each year, 20 lbs in spring after the flush of rapid growth slows, and 20 lbs again in mid to late fall.

This blend comes in 3lb bags, for $7.95, 7 lbs jugs for $14.95 and 50 lb bags for 39.95.

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McGeary's 2-3-4 Vegetable, Fruit and Berry Fertilizer is tops for getting heavy fruiting plants through the season. An extensive listing of rate applications is included with every container. Be sure to use this with our Organic Strawberry Plants for maximum fruit production. The addition of Rock Phosphate and a slight reduction of nitrogen helps the plant to concentrate its energy on the fruit of the plant rather than on the leaves.

This blend comes in 3lb bags, for $7.95 and in 7 lb jugs for $14.95.

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Jobe's Fertilizer Spikes All Purpose and Vegetable

Jobe's Organic Fertilizer Spikes

It is great to see a product like Jobe's Fertilizer Spikes recognize the need for moving away from the old chemical way of fertilizing. Now when you push your little spike into the earth, not only will you nourish your plant, but you will support the health of the soil with microbes and nutrients. Repeated use of chemical fertilizers eventually causes "dead" soil and then no amount of chemical will nourish the plant.
Jobe's Fertilizer Spikes provide natural, slow-release organic nutrients to ensure happy well-fed plants.
Choose All Purpose Spikes, 4-4-4 or Vegetable Spikes, 2-7-4. 50 per package. $5.95 each.

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California Organic Fertilizers
Phytamin 4-3-4 Liquid and
Pre-Plant Plus Granulated

California Organic Fertilizers, Inc. has been producing organic fertilizers for organic agriculture since 1990. All of their products are manufactured with materials that are free of harmful biological organisms. They strive to produce clean, safe and effective products.

Their Phytamin liquid line of professional products is designed to provide additional nutrients to the crop during the growing season. Phytamin 4-3-4 is derived from fish, guano and potassium sulfate. As a fast acting foliar feed it can be used every 10 days at a dilution rate of 1 to 2 percent.  Or, dilute it 1 to 3 parts fertilizer to 5 parts of water and apply as needed to the garden. Can be used with our Fertilizer Injection Kit. 2.5 Gallons $24.95

Pre-Plant Plus 7-5-7 is perhaps the best fertilizer on the planet. Unfortunately, it only comes in 50 pound bags. It is perfect for any garden or lawn. The granulated product is easy to apply and works amazingly. $29.95

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  MetaNatural Organic Liquid Fertilizer for use with soil or in hydroponic systems.

MetaNaturals Formulas


MetaNaturals organic nutrients can be used alone or in combination with each other depending upon the growing conditions, crop and grower preference. The 3-3-3 formula, having a proper micro balance, can be used alone in either soil or hydroponics. The Bloom 1-5-5 and Nitrogen 16-0-0 can be used alone in soil applications, or as additives to the 3-3-3 for a high degree of nutrient manipulation in hydroponics. Alone or in combination, the instructions are simple and easy to follow. The first true liquid organic nutrients viable for hydroponic gardening as well as conventional gardening. (For ease of application in conventional gardening, see our Fertilizer Injection Kit.) Three different MetaNatural formulas provide just the right fertilizer for every purpose. Order your MetaNatural from the drop down box below.

MetaNaturals Complete Organic Nutrient

MetaNaturals Professional Organic Plant Nutrient: Complete nutritional base for the entire garden

MetaNaturals 3-3-3 Professional Organic Plant  Nutrient is the most complete liquid organic nutrient available. With more micronutrients than any other liquid organic fertilizer it is an excellent source of naturally derived macro and micro-nutrients and natural humates.

Use this formula as a foundation nutritional program for your garden, orchard, flowers, perennials and house plants. Formulated for soil, foliar or hydroponics applications. Completely soluble and ideal as a hydroponic nutrient or use it in soil for professional quality results. Balanced and great for all fruits, vegetables.  32 ounce concentrate $12.95

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Laboratory Soil Test Kit

Laboratory Soil Test Kit

The soil is the most important part of your garden. Without the proper pH and fertility, even the healthiest plants will not do well.  Our Soil Test Kit is easy to use and economical. It comes with an extensive instruction pamphlet on how to interpret your results which you can use after our laboratory returns their detailed analysis to you.


Soil Test Kit





Now fertilizing is a snap! We have assembled a nice group of products sure to help you grow great plants more easily.  KIT ONE includes one Water Breaker, one Syphonject, one Water Shut Off Valve, and one Nutrient formula MetaNatural 32 Ounce All Purpose Liquid Fertilizer.

KIT TWO includes one Water Breaker, one Syphonject, one Water Shut Off Valve, and one Nutrient formula MetaNatural 32 Ounce Bloom Formula Liquid Fertilizer.

Fertilizer Injection Kit One
All Purpose Nutrient



Fertilizer Injection Kit Two
Bloom Formula Nutrient


Little Giant
Professional Sprayer
  Hudson Weed and Bug
Eliminator Sprayer
Little Giant Sprayer

This heavy duty, high output sprayer has an extra long trigger to make spraying higher volumes easy. The nozzle adjusts from fine spray to coarse and to jet stream. Holds 24 ounces. Handy ounce and milliliter measuring marks and a dilution ration guide is located on the side. For safety and convenience a content check-off label is printed on the back.

This one gallon capacity sprayer has a translucent tank for accurate measuring, a funnel top for easy filling and pouring and a swivel hose connector to eliminate kinks. It also features a locking spray trigger, removable uptake tube for easy cleaning and Teflon coated seals. Perfect for large gardens.

Little Giant Professional
24 Ounce Sprayer



Hudson Weed and Bug
Eliminator Sprayer
1 Gallon



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