Natural Insect and Disease Control


The best way to control pests in the garden is by planting a wide variety of flowering plants to attract beneficial insects and by keeping the garden as healthy as possible. Weeding, pruning, fertilizing when needed and avoiding the use of chemicals helps to create balance in the garden. There are always a few bad bugs needed so the good bugs can survive. Bad bugs usually arrive early and get established which attracts the beneficial bugs. If insects are not damaging your plants, it may be better to wait and let nature take its course. Remember, when you spray bad bugs (even with natural products), it kills the beneficial bug also. The advantage to using a natural insecticide is that it breaks down easily. If it becomes necessary to spray, first identify the pest. Not all sprays are right for all bugs. And, be sure to follow the directions. More is not better.

The OMRI (Organic Material Review Institute) symbol next to a product means that those products have been submitted to an independent lab for organic review and they have been approved for organic production. Some products are NOP (National Organic Program) listed which are also safe to use in your organic garden.




Monterey Garden Insect Spray

Naturally occuring spinsosad is the secret to this very effective insecticide. Finally get control of  large caterpillars, thrips, sow bugs, earwigs, and sawflies. And a big plus is its use to control fire ants. Can be used on ornamentals, lawn, vegetables, fruit and nut trees. For fire ants, use as a mound treatment. 16 ounce concentrate. Use 2 ounces per gallon of water. Label Information $10.95 
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Safer Insect Killing Soap Safer Insect Killing Soap Concentrate

Kills soft bodied insects like aphids, mites and whiteflies. Use on houseplants, flowers, fruits, herbs and vegetables. Works best with soft or distilled water. Should not be sprayed when the temperature is over 90 or plants are too dry. 16 ounces makes 6 gallons. $9.95
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Concern Multi-Purpose Insect Killing Concentrate

From the same folks who bring us all the great Safer products, this multi-purpose spray combines the insect and fungus stopping power of Safer Soap and adds the knock-down strength of natural pyrethrum. Controls  aphids, caterpillars, cockroaches, beetles, whiteflies and mealy bug. For use on fruits, vegetables, flowers, trees, shrubs.  Safe to use up until the day of harvest. 24 ounces $17.95
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Monterey Saf-T-Side Concentrate

Insecticidal oil for insect control in citrus trees, other trees, vines, ornamentals and vegetables. With no temperature restrictions this product is effective both as a dormant spray for early season spraying and for spraying. Use alone or in combination with other insecticides. Odorless and non-staining. Label information. 32 Ounces $13.95
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Safer Flying Insect Spray Safer 14 ounce Aerosol Flying Insect Killer

Now there is a safer approach to spraying flying insects. Safer Aerosol Flying Insect Killer is a fast-acting  organic pest control formula that is free of CFCs.

This product is not for use on skin or clothing and is toxic to fish. Active ingredients by weight.: D-Limonene 1.000-Percent, Pyrethrins 0.050-Percent, Potassium Salts of Fatty Acids 1.000-Percent. Please use this link to view the Material Safety Data Sheet for this product. $6.95

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Safer Garden Fungicide Safer Garden Fungicide

Can be used on fruits, flowers, vegetables, flowering plants, and ornamentals. Controls and prevents black spot, rust, leaf spot, and powdery mildew on roses. Contains sulfur a natural element, which inhibits fungus. 16oz concentrate. $9.95 Order Below.

Bicarbonate Fungicide Bi-Carb Fungicide

Made from Potassium Bicarbonate, this natural fungicide controls powdery mildew, botrytis, anthracnose, phyophthora and other funguses on roses, vegetables, grapes, fruit trees and ornamentals. This is a contact fungicide and must be sprayed on the fungus to work. Mix 4 teaspoons to 2 gallons of water. This will cover about a 1000 square feet. 4 ounce bottle. $8.95  Order Below.

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Worry Free® Weed and Grass Killer

Worry Free Weed and Grass Killer kills annual weeds, both grasses and broadleaves.  Patented formula dissolves the weed’s leaf cuticle which dries out and kills the weed. Works in warm and cool (down to 40º F.) conditions. For use on borders, driveways, patios, sidewalks, around mature trees and ornamentals, around buildings, and around flower beds. Fast-acting formula with quick visible results that does not stain brick, concrete or pavement. This product is made for organic gardening and is OMRI listed. Can be used around pets and wildlife. The active ingredient is d-limonene, a natural citrus oil that is extracted from the rind of oranges.  To control weeds under 6 inches mix 22 ounces with 1 gallon of water. For other weeds mix 32 ounces with one gallon of water.

Worry Free Weed and Grass Killer
32 ounce concentrate


Bug Blaster Nozzle Bug Blaster Nozzle

This light-weight nozzle tip creates a 360 degree sheet of high pressure mist that delivers a lethal blow to aphids, spider mites, whiteflies, mealybugs and other insect pests. Clean your plants of bugs and water at the same time.   

Bug Blaster Nozzle



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