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Elettaria cardamomum Cardamom

Eletarria cardomomum Organic Green Cardamom Plant

Growing Cardamom in this country is a novel luxury. Although used for centuries, many Americans are not familiar with this spice. Native to India, where it is used mainly in curry mixes, this plant grows to 15 feet. It needs the warm tropics to make seeds. Even though we must buy our cardamom seeds, we can certainly enjoy the spicy scent of the leaves which is particularly nice when added to a pot of hot tea. Just brushing against the leaves releases a heavenly pumpkin pie aroma.

According to The Complete Spice Book, Cardamom is the third most expensive spice in the world, after vanilla, which comes from an orchid and saffron, which comes from a crocus.   And, while popular in India, more is consumed in Sweden in baked goods and in Arab lands where it is used for coffee. 

Always buy whole Cardamom seeds and grind them fresh when needed. Pre-ground spices degrade very quickly and are never as flavorful as freshly ground ones.

Cardamom likes it shady and moist and is frost tender. It grows well in the house with adequate light. Our 15 Inch Square Terra Roma Planter is the perfect size to start your Cardamom growing big and robust.

For more information on keeping your herbs happy see Growing Herbs Indoors.

From The Complete Spice Book we take these Cardamom Clips:

Add 1/4 teaspoon (or more) ground cardamom to:

Bread, rolls or buns, coffeecake, Danish pastry, other sweet
breads, coffee, grape jelly, clover or orange honey, Fruit Salad (especially good with citrus), split pea soup, sugar cookies and hot spiced wine.


Cultural Information

Height: 3 to 15 feet   

Hardiness: Zone 11

Flower Color: White   

Sun: Shade   

Uses: Ornamental,
fragrant foliage,
edible seeds



Cakes, Cookies, Waffles and Glogg

Cardamom's Help for the Flu

An Unusual Spread

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