Fun Containers!! Paper Pots and Stack a Pots.

Water-saving super-strong disposable paper pots for patios, decks and landscapes. Handy packages of three large 5 gallon pots measuring 21" x 10.75" per bag.

Decorative and easy to use.

1. Push out sides. 2. Fold down the top and roll down the top edge, stopping at desired height. 3. Put in several scoops of light soil mix. 4. Pick up your Paper Pot and drop to flatten the bottom and settle the soil. 5. Continue to add your favorite light soil mix. Paper Pot is now ready to plant.  Was$7.95 for package of 3 Now $3.95 for a package of 3

Fern and Flower Paper Pots

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Stack-A-Pots Hanging Planter (can also sit flat) meets the needs of the home gardener and hobbyists who run a busy lifestyle. Designed to suit the more sun loving and or moisture demanding plants that everyone loves including flowering annuals, perennials, herbs, bulbs, African violets, strawberries, ferns, ornamental grasses and mosses etc. The unique design of Stack-A-Pots Hanging Planter discourages root rot in plants and works efficiently in conjunction with the soils own capillary action.

Stack a Pot with Cactus. One of many uses.

Every layer of this 15-quart self-watering hanging planter has its own water well and water well divider to help prevent soil from entering the reservoir. The water well divider incorporates three evenly placed and strategically positioned seepage chambers extending down into the water well. Moisture is transported through the seepage chamber into a small amount of submerged growing medium and gradually drawn up into the growing area by the soils own capillary action.  Chain included.
Assembled Depth: 11.0 in
Assembled Height: 24.0 in
Assembled Width: 11.0 in

Stack-A-Pots Planter
Was $29.95  Now $19.95




CocoTek Liners

CocoTek® is an organic product that has been naturally formed from 100% biodegradable organic coconut fiber and natural rubber into lightweight pot liners. They are also nice on their own as an interim stage container. Small seedlings can be transplanted into the 3" pot and then transplanted, pot and all, into the ground or into the larger 8" container. Taking one of our plants and transplanting it into the 8" will allow the small plant to get a bit bigger before planting it into the ground. Larger plants are nice where dogs and children may disturb the garden. Because the entire pot can be planted there is no root disturbance to the plant which helps the plant adjust faster. Fill with our Organic Gro Container Mix. 3 inch pots come 20 to a set for $11.95. 8 inch pots come 10 to a set for $23.95.


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