CatStop Automatic Outdoor Cat Deterrent

Shoo cats away 24 hours a day with CAT STOP!

Tired of cats using your garden for a litter box? Fight back with our high-tech ultrasonic cat deterrent. Even if you love your cats, you still don't want them to ruin your hard work in the garden, and cats do love the freshly turned soil of a new planting bed. Our CatStop device emits a sound when the cats are near it that startles them and makes them take off. By only coming on when the cat enters the area, it is more effective than if the noise was continuous. Eventually the cat realizes that every time it tries to visit your garden, it is uncomfortable and it just stays away.

The CatStop detects the warmth of the cat about 20 feet out in an 80 degree arc and covers roughly 280 square feet. It only stays on for two to three seconds when the cat intrudes into its line of vision, so the 9 volt battery (not included) lasts a long time. Easy to use and very effective. Just install the battery and position the unit.

Please note that there are a few exotic breeds of cats that seem to be immune. And, if the cat is deaf, a problem sometimes with older cats, then the cat won't be bothered a bit.

The CatStop comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee and a two-year warranty. If you experience any problems with this product, call Contech at 1-800-767-8658. Be sure to register your product when it arrives, you can do this here.

  CatStop ultrasonic cat repellant




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