Hanging Baskets

Out of space?
Think up or maybe down or, how about both!
Hanging Baskets can really stretch your space and perk up your decor.

Add a bit of old world charm and capture unused space at the same time with our 7 1/2 foot tall  Tear Drop Obelisk. Black polyester coated tubular steel supports three 13-inch hanging baskets (included) that can be lined with our sphagnum moss or our moss basket liners. The supports are pointed so the Obelisk can be secured anywhere in the garden. Set two opposite each other for an instant gateway. Fill with flowers, herbs or veggies or a combination of all three.

Click here for more Obelisks.

7.5 Foot Obelisk
with Three Hanging Baskets




Long Fiber Sphagnum Moss is excellent for lining hanging baskets, making floral arrangements or for growing most orchids. Our compact bale of Sphagnum Moss is lightweight and easy to use. Just add water and watch as it expands. A 52 ounce bale will equal 2 cubic feet when moist. Choose our standard 2 cubic foot bale of brown sphagnum moss or our new 1 cubic foot mini-bale of green sphagnum moss.

Compressed Bale of Sphagnum Moss

Choose a Sphagnum Moss Bale




  Sphagnum Moss Basket Liners make creating hanging baskets a snap. The liners are pressed flat and precut so they fit neatly into a circle. Made to fit a 16 inch round hanging baskets, the liner can be easily cut to fit smaller sizes. If you only have one or two baskets to line, this is an economical solution.  Available in green or brown.  

Choose a 16 inch
Basket Liner




Terra Roma Hanging Basket Stone

Our Terra Roma Line of high quality planters are unique and offer the design, color and texture of authentic materials with the affordability and convenience of lightweight, durable resin. The Terra Roma family of pots includes many different shapes and sized of containers for all your potting needs. Give your space a uniform look with the Terra Roma complete line of containers.

The attractive and stylish 12 inch Terra Roma Terra-Cotta Hanging Basket features a unique snap-open drain plug and an internal reservoir to make growing in a hanging basket a breeze. The outside width is 12", the inside width is 11 1/8" and it is 7 inches tall.  Easy attaching hanger is included.
Terra Roma Hanging Baskets can only be shipped via ground service. Shipping is included in the price

Choose a Terra Roma Hanging Basket



Plant a Salsa Garden!

Bloom Master Pots are seen throughout the world. They grace state buildings and parkways across the country. Usually they are full of beautiful flowers draping down around the planter. But we think they are especially nice for herbs and veggies.

We stock the 10 by 8 inch and the 14 inch green Bloom Master Hanging Baskets.

The 10 inch has two rows of 4 offset holes and a planting area at the top. It is the perfect size for an herb collection, a basil collection or a tomato, pepper and a couple of basils or make a salsa basket like the one pictured above.


The 10 inch Bloom Master will hold about 3 gallons of our potting mix and will weigh approximately 7 pounds or less when wet; the perfect size for for any patio or window. A four strand wire hanger with rigid hook and planting instructions are included.

The 14 inch Bloom Master has 30 holes and comes with a sturdy hanging chain.

These planters can also be used on a stand. Other sizes can be specially ordered. For more information on the Bloom Master, please visit our Bloom Master Page.

Choose a Bloom Master Planter:



Bloom Masters can only be shipped via ground service. Shipping is included in the price. We have bundled them in units of 1, 3 and 5 for the best savings.

Choose an Organic Gro Container Mix



The perfect consistency  for Hanging Baskets, be sure and try our Organic Gro Container Mix, now available in 2 Gallon Bags. Remember the fertilizer is in the mix!

Organic Gro Container Mix is shipped by ground service only. Ground shipping to all continental US locations is included in the price.

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