Alcea rosea cv. Chater's Double Hollyhocks, Apricot Chamois Rose, Royal Purple and Scarlet.

A single gorgeous Chamoise Rose Apricot Hollyhock bloom

Double Apricot Chamois Rose Hollyhock Flowers

In 1629, in a book called Paradisus Terrestris, John Parkinson portrayed seven various mallows and hollyhocks. He pointed out that some were more attractive than others. Not really a snob, John was just an avid gardener who wanted the best in his Cottage Garden. In a later book, Theatrum Botanicum he went on to list and draw and wax both poetically and scientifically about some 3800 plants. This gorgeous Chamois Rose Hollyhock grew in shade until early afternoon, at which time it was blasted by full sun. As the flowers aged they became a softer apricot color.  

It is hard to believe that our little 3 inch pots of  Hollyhock plants will reach 5 feet. But, they will. However, since hollyhocks are technically biennials, they usually do not attain too much height the first year; instead they will make lots of leaves, 10 inches or so across, near ground level. Those will disappear in the winter and the next spring they will reappear and quickly grow tall flower spikes which will open from the bottom alternating upward one on this side and then one on the other side.

For more information on what makes a plant, like the hollyhock, a biennial visit our feature newsletter biennials.

Double Royal Purple Hollyhock blooms

Double Apricot Chamois Rose Hollyhock Flowers

Chater's Double Scarlet Hollyhock flowers

All three of theseHollyhocks are double with full gorgeous flowers.
From left to right: Royal Purple, Chamois Rose and Scarlet

Hollyhocks would also make a great addition to our 
Edible Flower Garden
and to our 
Kid's Herb Garden.

Cultural Information

Height: 5 Feet    

Hardiness: Hardy Biennial
in Zones 3-11

Flower Color: As listed in description

Characteristics: Full Sun

Uses: Butterfly and
Hummingbird Plant
Medicinal, Ornamental

This item is no longer available. This page has been left for information purposes.

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