Apricot Foxglove Plants in the Garden

These tall spires of Apricot Blush Foxglove give height and form to an otherwise low growing garden. They look great planted with Pink Roses and Midnight Blue Statice!

Purple bells from Lily's Lilac Foxglove


We liked our Apricot Foxgloves so much that we expanded our selection. Candy Mountain is a deep pink with unique upward facing flowers. And, Lily's Lilac (pictured to the left and below) is more like a traditional purple foxglove, tall and statuesque.

Tall Lily's Lilac languishing in the shade of a tree.

In the picture above, you can see how tall Lily's Lilac  Foxglove will grow. From left to right you are looking at Golden Garden Sage, Rosemary behind it, Gopher Purge towering behind the left spikes of Lily and way off to the right the shorter Candy Mountain Foxglove (pictured below) is peaking out. You can also see how shady this spot is under the Idaho Locust tree. In our area where it gets hot early, Foxgloves do best in a cool filtered shade situation or a sun position that provides a cool root zone area.

Candy Mountain Foxglove Plants in all their glory.

One of the neat things about Candy Mountain Foxglove (pictured to the left) is how busy the flower spikes are. Unlike most foxgloves, which have flowers on only one side of the flower spike, Candy Mountain Foxglove flowers completely encircle the spike. Also, since they are shorter than most Foxgloves, they can be planted in front of tall plants or in a container.

Foxgloves are a biennial so you need to plant this year for next years bloom. Which basically means, if you want to always have blooming Foxgloves, you have to plant new ones every year.

Foxgloves are a great addition to our English Cottage Garden Six Pack and are often included in our English Cottage Garden 36 Pack Assortment.

Cultural Information

Height: 2-4 Feet    

Hardiness: Hardy Biennial

Flower Color: Apricot, Pink

Characteristics: Sun/
Partial Sun

Uses: Ornamental, Poisonous

We are not currently propagating this plant. This page has been left here for informational purposes.

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