Bloom Master Hanging Baskets

Plant a Salsa Garden!

Short on space? The Bloom Master Hanging Basket takes gardening to a new level by maximizing space and fully utilizing the capacity of the planter to achieve truly extraordinary levels of production.

Why waste the sides of your container? Or, the space below? The Bloom Master Hanging Basket will provide more flowers and herbs from a similar amount of soil as used in conventional hanging baskets.

And, those are not just any old holes! They are specially designed with 8 sides to slow the flow of water and keep the soil in. Fill all the holes in or leave some empty. It won't matter because the soil stays put and the plants will grow quickly to cover the holes.

Moss lined baskets require extra moisture for healthy growth. If the moss gets too dry, it can actually wick moisture away from plants. The high quality polypropylene Bloom Master basket requires no water loving liner and thus uses less water.

Bloom Masters in the city square.

We stock the 10 by 8 inch green Bloom Master Hanging Basket (pictured at the top of this page), the 12 inch Bloom Master and the 14 by 13 inch green Bloom Master (all pictured below with the rectangular container).

The 10 inch Bloom Master has 8 holes, two rows of 4 offset holes, and a planting area at the top. It is the perfect size for an herb collection.

Grow just one kind of herb like Basil or Parsley or choose several different herbs, like chives, thyme, basil, parsley and winter savory. It is just right for 6 or 8 Strawberry Plants.  The 10 inch Bloom Master will hold about 3 gallons of our Organic Gro Container Mix and will weigh approximately 7 lbs or less when wet; the perfect size for for any patio or window. A sturdy four-strand wire hanger with rigid hook is  included.

The 14 inch Bloom Master has 30 holes, 3 rows of 10 offset holes, and a planting area at the top. This is a large basket that can grow a lot of plants. Perfect for Salsa Baskets, like the one above, it can hold a whole garden in one place! It is just right for a 24 or 36 pack of Strawberries. The 14 inch planter will hold about 8 gallons of soil and will weigh approximately 40 pounds when wet. Needless to say, it comes with a very sturdy hanging chain. Both sizes sit flat and can be used on a stand instead of hung. Order below.


Be sure to catch our Bloom Master potting demonstration. Or watch our how-to video below.

The Hanging Garden: Planting a Bloom Master

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This item is being discontinued. We have only a few 10 inch planters left in stock.


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