Artemisia vulgaris Mugwort


Mugwort in bloom

Mugwort is a rampantly spreading herb that has been used for many different purposes. The Mugwort in the photo on the left sprung up from a discarded plant that was tossed onto our compost pile. Loving the rich composted soil it has taken off and over. The light silver gray leaf has a lacey appearance that enhances the look of the plant.  Mugwort reaches for the sky as it enters its bloom phase and can attain heights of four feet or more. The flowers are the typical ho-hum, tiny, yellow buttons that are typical of many Artemisias.

For a more ornamental and less vigorous mugwort, try Variegated Mugwort. its leaves are splashed with cream and it grows slower and lower.


Pleasant Dreams Sleep Pillow

2 tablespoons Roses

1 tablespoon Mugwort

2 teaspoons Lavender

2 teaspoons Marjoram/Oregano

1/4 teaspoon Spearmint

All herbs should be dry and cut and sifted, not ground. Place all ingredients in a cotton muslin drawstring bag and tie closed. Or if you are inclined to sew, make your own little pouch.

Place the Dream Pillow in your pillowcase - anywhere in the pillowcase. The fragrance is subtle. This is NOT potpourri and isn't meant to scent a whole room.  But, as you move around on the pillow during the night, the herbs will be crushed slightly and will release their subtle fragrances.

This recipe is courtesy of Jim Long of Long Creek Herbs.
For more recipes by Jim, visit his book page here.

  Cultural Information

Height: 4 Feet    

Hardiness: Perennial
in Zones 3-11

Flower Color: Yellow 

Characteristics: Full Sun, Herbaceous, 

Uses: Ornamental, Medicinal

This plant has been discontinued. This page has been left here for your information.  

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