Humulus lupulus


Organic hops plant spreading its vine

Hops leaves

A fast growing vine that is legendary for its inclusion in beer brewing, Hops are grown more often for its ability to quickly cover a trellis or arbor and provide summer shade. It has sand paper like leaves and aggressive tendrils that twine at will. For it to get long and large adequate water is a must. Here, in the southwest, watering every day or every other day encourages the rampant growth and subsequent hop flowers that are needed for brewing or shade.

A herbaceous plant, Hops dies to the ground in the winter, and returns in late spring to sprint upward to its 15 to 30 feet summertime growth.  After it dies back, getting it off an intricate structure can be tricky, so keep it simple and enjoy the coolness of Hops.

Hops plants emerging in the spring.


It is the Hops flowers that are used in beer, or more accurately the bracts, and while both male and female Hops make flowers, only the ripened cones of the females are used to brew those golden beverages. The picture on the right shows not only the desired hops but how green Sunbeam leaves get in the summer when the hops are ready.

Radiant golden Sunbeam Hops (pictured below), rated from Zone 4, can take full sun in all but the hottest summer areas. They are not quite as rampant as regular Hops which makes them ideal for patio trellises or window boxes. The golden leaves wind themselves around the tree and become darker as the season progresses. Sunbeam hops will retreat to the ground in winter but  emerges each spring with a larger crown and more trailing stems. Truly a stunning addition to any garden.

Golden hops turning from golden to green in early summer.

Sunbeam Hops growing up tree

While beer is the traditional use for hops, they can also be used in cooking like in this Hops Béarnaise sauce recipe.

Kent Golding Hops (also referred to as East Kent Golding or British Kent Golding) is a floral hop that blends but does not over power malts used in beer making. Kent Golding is an aroma hop used frequently in English Ales.

Chinook is an bittering hop that is often used in Pale Ales, but can lend itself to other brews giving them an almost smoky taste.

  Cultural Information

Height: Sprawling vines 20 feet or more

Hardiness: Cascade, Chinook, Kent Golding, Zeus Hops--Perennial
in Zones 3-11
Sunbeam Hops--Perennial
in Zones 4-11

Flower Color: White

Characteristics: Full Sun/
Part Sun where summers
reach above 95

Uses: Culinary, 
Medicinal, Ornamental

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