Ground cover thyme and lavender

  Fall Extravaganza ends September 25  
As this year's sale draws to a close, we hope you were able to purchase old favorites and maybe a few new ones. While many plants have sold out, there is still a lot of variety to be had.

Fall is a great time to put in a ground cover thyme lawn. Thyme needs less water, fertilizer, weed killer and mowing than normal grass which translates to less work and money for you.

Several of our lawn thymes are on sale in three inch pots. There is also a wide selection of ground cover thyme in stock in plug trays.

Three of our favorites are pictured below.

Reiter's Thyme Lawn and Walkway
The amazing lawn and walkway blooming above are planted in Reiter's Thyme.
Pink Lemonade Thyme ground cover
The luscious green ground cover above is fragrant Pink Lemonade Thyme.
Lemon Frost Thyme
And, the "snow" covered lawn above is Lemon Frost Thyme.

There are also still a lot of lavenders on sale. Lavenders like Grosso and Hidcote (pictured on the right) are always a great addition to the garden. They can withstand winter temperatures as low as minus 20 (once established) and add color and fragrance in the mixed garden or border. They also bring a variety of life to the garden.

Grosso Lavender and butterfly

 If you are wondering what will go your through you winter be sure to check out our listing of plants by zones.


Hidcote Lavender in bloom




These ground cover thymes and lavenders, plus all the other plants on sale are listed at the links below. These links allow you to view and order both organic plants that are on sale and those that are not (just in case you need some of both!)

Sale prices will only show on these links and not on individual plant pages.

Herb and Perennial Plants A-F
Herb and Perennial Plants G-M
Herb and Perennial Plants N-R
Herb and Perennial Plants S-Z

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