16th Annual Fall Extravaganza

As this year's sale draws to a close, we hope you were able to purchase old favorites and maybe a few new ones.

One of the questions we get asked a lot is about bee plants. So we took a walk through our test gardens recently to see what the bees were up to. We found them happily buzzing around our late blooming culinary oreganos like Greek, Italian and Syrian.

They were also stocking up on late blooming Salvia pollen. The Salvia greggii's are called Autumn sages for a reason. If you take the time to prune them in mid summer, then by mid September they are truly spectacular.

Salvia pictured to the right is Big Pink, to the bottom left is Maraschino Cherry and on the bottom right is the amazing Diane Salvia.  All three of these are part of our fall sale!

There are always a few Rosemary, Lavender and Thyme blooms late in the season too. Not as many as in the earlier part of the year but the bees do appreciate what there is.

if you are wondering what will go your through you winter be sure to check out our listing of plants by zones.

Big Pink Salvia
Maraschino Cherry Salvia Diane Salvia

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Vegetable Plants
Organic Wheat and Barley Grass (NEW)

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