Welcome to our 10th annual Fall Extravaganza sale.

What an exciting time of year! This sale gives us a chance to clear out the greenhouses as we prepare for next year's varieties, and gives you a chance to do some inexpensive fall gardening. These plants are all top notch but are in need of a new home. If you are anxious, you can click here and be taken directly to sale information, or keep on reading for a few tips on fall planting. Complete ordering instructions can also be found below.

Some nursery long ago penned the slogan "Fall is for Planting". And, indeed when the weather starts to break from the incredibly hot days of summer, we do feel like getting back into the garden. However, fall gardening is a little trickier than spring gardening. The best fall planting time is as soon as your weather is consistently around 90 degrees or below. Sooner is better than later because as the sun gets weaker and the days get shorter, many plants start heading into dormancy. The goal with fall planting is to get some root growth before winter hits. This is important because plants that don't get established properly can rot over winter. Please allow at least six weeks before the first frost in your area.

And, while, in the spring, we might grow some plants that aren't rated for our zone as annuals, fall planting is all about choosing the right plant for your zone. Choosing a zone 7 plant for a zone 4 climate spells disaster.

If your weather is like ours, where the heat really doesn't subside until the middle of September, then some extra special care is need when your Fall Extravaganza plants arrive. Here are a few pointers for hot weather planting.

1. Try to be home when your plants arrive. If you can't be home, consider having UPS leave them in a shady spot near your door. We can always leave brief instructions for the UPS driver, just type these instructions in the comment box on our order form. Do be aware though, that if you instruct UPS to leave the box, and it disappears, they are not responsible, nor are we.

2. Get the plants out of the box ASAP. To insure their safe arrival, our plants are shipped in high-tech cardboard, lots of it. This needs to come off the plants so they can breath (just another reason to be home when the plants arrive).

3. Set them in a spot that gets morning sun and afternoon shade for a few days. This helps them to get over their jet lag. Don't put them in the house. Herbs don't do well, under normal circumstances, indoors. They need fresh air and sunshine.

4. Check for water. Make sure they are thoroughly moist. Water so that the water drains all the way through the pot. There is no rush to plant them, as long as they are outside and they don't dry out. Check often. Small containers dry out quickly.

5. When you do plant, make sure that the rootball of the plant is completely wet and the potting soil or garden is moist also. The most common reason for transplants to die in hot weather is not enough water during the transplant phase. The transplant phase lasts about three weeks, so keep checking to make sure that your plants and the soil around them are wet. You don't want the soil to be so soggy you can make mud pies, but you want it be moist enough that it crumbles gently in your hand.

6. For more information, check the bottom of your box. Inside the box, underneath your plants, is one of our catalogs and a Success with Herbs pamphlet. These give you invaluable information on raising up your new young'uns.

Enjoy our sale. Buy your favorites, but also choose a couple that haven't been part of your garden before.


With dozens of plants on sale this year for only 1.95, it is sure to be our best ever Fall Extravaganza.

Please note these particulars:

Due to the way we pack, it is necessary to order six plants and, due to the way the shopping cart works, there is a 27.00 minimum. And, while it is not necessary to order in 6's, your best shipping value comes in ordering full boxes of 6, 12, 18, 24 or 36.

This is an internet only sale (no phone or mail orders will be taken for this sale).

This sale expires September 14.

Supplies are limited. We will not be able to contact you if a sale item is sold out, so, if you want, you may list alternates in the comment box on the order form.

Because of the heat, we are still not shipping to Arizona, and Las Vegas. We hope to resume shipping to these areas in late September. Customers in these areas may order and we will schedule the order for that time, but we cannot guarantee availability on delayed shipments.  You always have the option to waive your guarantee and have plants sent at any time. Just note this in the comment box on your order form.

Lastly, Labor Day week is a short shipping week, so it is possible, due to all the shopping going on, that your order will not ship until the week of September 8. Please be patient. We are working as fast as we can.

Use these links to view and order our Fall Extravaganza plants.


It seems like something always needs pruning in the garden. Many shrubs and bushes have finished blooming by fall and need to be cared for before winter hits. 

Having a great pair of bypass pruners is like having a wonderful kitchen knife. They both need to be sharp and powerful to get the job done right with as little effort as possible. When we first came across these pruners at a buyer's show, the sales rep that was demonstrating them offered us a 3/4" dowel to cut up. The PowerGear action of the pruner made it so ridiculously easy, we were sold on the spot. We aren't the only ones who are impressed with the PowerGear line from Fiskars. The Arthritis Foundation has given Fiskar's patented gear design the Ease-of-Use Commendation. The gear really does make a difference  and we feel it is unmatched in the cutting power it provides. It works by providing the maximum leverage near the middle of the cut where resistance is greatest, reducing cutting effort and minimizing muscle strain.  This is accomplished by the lower handle that rolls with your hand as you cut.  Use the Bypass Pruner for pruning and shaping shrubs, bushes or small trees.

Fiskars has definitely won a place in our tool shed. Check out our entire line of Fiskars which also includes PowerGear Shears (great for taming lavenders), PowerGear Loppers and PowerTooth Saw.

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