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Notes From Herb:

I know a lot of you have been waiting for our Fall Extravaganza. So if you want to get right to the goodies, scroll on down to our What's on Sale section. I promise not to get my feelings hurt if you don't read my notes.

Shorter days and cooler nights are a sign that fall is in the air and it is time to get back into the garden. Along with pruning, harvesting, and preserving, planting is also a must-do during the early part of fall. I have a few guidelines for fall planting that will help you choose what you should plant now and what you should save for spring.

1. All planting should be finished about 4 to 6 weeks prior to frost. This gives the plant plenty of time to establish roots and keep it from dying during the winter. By planting early, plants still have enough daylight to make one more little flush of growth.

2. Choose plants that are right for your zone. Choosing a zone 7 plant for a zone 4 climate spells disaster, unless you want to try growing indoors.

3. Mulch well. Three inches of a small-particle mulch, like ground bark, should cover the ground around the plant but should not come up to the plant's stem. Leave a two-inch air space around the little plant. Don't worry about the mulch standing taller than the plant. In about two months the mulch will be ground level.

4. Water anyway; don't wait for the rain. Water well when the plant goes into the ground and continue to water whenever the soil is in danger of becoming too dry. If gauging this is hard, try one of our handy water meters. Inserted near the plant's root zone, they make it a snap to see if the plant needs a drink.

5. Have fun! Add lots of colorful plants now for a spectacular show next spring.




Herb's Pick of the Month?


Germinators are often imitated but never copied.

Now is the time to think about extending the fun of your  gardening season with one of our unique totally collapsible, portable Germinators. Made from the highest quality materials, these greenhouses are just the ticket to help you enjoy your plants for as long as possible.

Germinators full of glorious flowers!

During our Fall Extravaganza, save 10 percent on both the 5x8 and the 8x8 Germinator models. These are ISP's 837 and 838. Be sure to use this hyperlink to receive the 10 percent off.


90 plus plants!!

During our Fall Extravaganza there are over 90 different certified organic plants on sale for 1.59 each when you purchase 6 plants at the regular price.  There are herbs and flowers to fit any need or garden space. Culinary herbs, medicinal herbs, tea herbs, butterfly plants, cottage garden plants, formal hedge plants and much more. We have something on sale from almost every Genus we carry. If you have any questions, about any of the plants, be sure to visit our plant list for details on each plant.

To see the complete list of ISP's and order at this very special price be sure to use this link: FALL EXTRAVAGANZA SPECIAL LIST OF PLANTS.


In Parting We Leave You With This:


"Think big thoughts, but relish small pleasures." ---H. Jackson Brown

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