Butterfly Bush Selections


Butterfly Bush Flowers


12 Varieties

Order Butterfly Bushes here under the botanic name Buddleia or click on any name below.


Orange Sceptre Butterfly Bush

Royal Red Butterfly Bush  
Himalayan Butterfly Bush Twilight Butterfly Bush
Evil Ways Butterfly Bush White Profusion Butterfly Bush
Harelquin Butterfly Bush Lochnich Butterfly Bush
Dwarf Blue Butterfly Bush

Sungold Butterfly Bush

Pink Delight Butterfly Bush

Bicolor Butterfly Bush


Butterfly life lingo may seem pretty complicated because the different stages of development also known as metamorphosis have several names. 

First, there is the Egg. Usually, only called Egg. These are tiny, like the head of a pin, and there are a lot of them. The female deposits them on a very specific kind of leaf that her babies like to eat. These plants are called Host plants.

Second, there is the Caterpillar which is sometimes called the Larva. These get quite large from eating the host plants. 

Third, there is the Pupa. Sometimes called Chrysalis. This is a kind of hibernation where the 'ugly duckling' gets redone structurally to become the 'swan'.

Fourth, there is the Adult, which we usually call by name. Hey! There goes a Monarch or, Look! there goes a pretty Butterfly!


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Butterfly Bushes

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Butterfly Bushes

Butterfly Bushes are important Beneficial Insect Shrubs

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